BBC News website corrects inaccurate headlines

As readers are aware, a BBC News website article dated July 13th inaccurately claimed in its headline that a video promoted by the political NGO B’Tselem ‘shows Israeli officer shoot fleeing Palestinian’ and a similarly inaccurate statement was seen in the link to the report on the BBC News website’s Middle East page.

Qalandiya film art

Qalandiya film on HP

Following communication from BBC Watch the article’s headline and the additional one appearing on the website’s Middle East page have been amended.

Qalandiya film new headline

Qalandiya film HP amended

A footnote has been appended to the article concerned.

Qalandiya film correction



3 comments on “BBC News website corrects inaccurate headlines

  1. No mention of BBC Watch, as usual, for pointing this out to the the corrupt biased BBC.

    Beeboids are probably too busy reading today’s published government green paper on the future of the BBC, which reportedly recommends substantial trimming of the morbidly obese BBC website. Chancellor George Osborne has described the website as “imperialist,” presumably also an ironic reference to a BBC infested with Trots.

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