No BBC reporting on Hamas entryism at UN

On July 20th the United Nations gave its final approval to the application for accreditation submitted by the London-based Palestinian Return Centre.

“US Deputy UN Ambassador Michele Sisson said the center only applied for consultative status a year ago and the United States has “serious concerns” about its background and activities that haven’t been answered.”

As has been noted here before, those “serious concerns” are very well founded.

However, the BBC’s UN correspondent has to date shown no interest in telling audiences about the UK-based organization with close Hamas ties that has just been granted the UN accreditation which gives it “access to U.N. premises and opportunities to attend or observe many events and conferences at United Nations sites around the world”.  

The prospect of supporters of an internationally recognised terrorist organization gaining access to the United Nations in order to expand its influence and promote its ideology of elimination of a UN member state (as portrayed in the NGO’s logo) is apparently not news. 

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2 comments on “No BBC reporting on Hamas entryism at UN

  1. The PRC denies it has Hamas links and is suing the Israeli government for defamation. An independently conducted review of PRC activities finds no evidence for the accusations:

    The Meir Amit report on the PRC, which is the source of the allegations of Hamas links presents no substantial evidence and stems from an organisation with close links to the Israeli government/military.

    The truth is that this is an Israeli propaganda exercise targeting the PRC because of its support for the rights of Palestinian refugees.

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