BBC report on Jerusalem gay pride attack second guesses an unsolved crime

BBC coverage of the violent attack on six participators in the gay pride event held in Jerusalem on July 30th included:Jlem attack 30 7

A filmed report for BBC television news which was also posted on the BBC News website under the title “Man held over Jerusalem Gay Pride stabbings“.

A written report on the BBC platform aimed at younger audiences – ‘Newsbeat’ – titled “‘We marched through blood at Jerusalem Gay Pride’“.

A written report on the BBC Arabic website.

A written report titled “Jerusalem Gay Pride: Six stabbed ‘by ultra-Orthodox Jew’” which appeared on the BBC News website’s Middle East page.

Towards the end of that latter report, in a section describing ultra-Orthodox opposition to the event and to the LGBT community in general, readers are told that:

“Israel’s homosexual community was the target of a 2009 attack in Tel Aviv, where a gunman opened fire at a centre for young gays, killing two people and wounding 15 others.

The assailant behind that attack was apprehended.”

The case referred to in those lines is the Bar Noar youth centre shootings. Once again, however, the BBC has obviously failed to keep up to date on the details of that case and hence misleads its audiences.

The suspect arrested and charged with the murders was later released when the case collapsed after the arrest of the state witness on charges of fabricating evidence and obstruction of justice. No further developments in the investigation have been publicized since then and no motive for that attack has been established in a court of law, meaning that the BBC’s implication of motivational linkage between that attack and the one which took place in Jerusalem on July 30th is at this stage no more than speculation.

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7 comments on “BBC report on Jerusalem gay pride attack second guesses an unsolved crime

  1. I speak here as a defender of Israel, as a British Jew, and as a proud Zionist. But I’m struggling right now to maintain the moral high ground when discussing Israel to those that would have it destroyed. I am in shock about the recent attacks perpetrated by Jewish terrorists, in particular the vicious callous burning to death of the baby, Ali Darawshe, and the would-be assassin at the Jerusalem gay pride festival who seriously injured several attendees.

    Netanyahu’s condemnation of the baby’s death is welcome. However, it is wholly unacceptable for violence that is perpetrated by religious Jews to be ‘tolerated’ by anyone. If such violence is downplayed by the Israeli government, or it goes unpunished by the courts, then it will be difficult for Israel to maintain its credibility as a democratic civilized nation.

    Israel’s leaders must soul-search and seek out and punish these criminals. At the same time we all must acknowledge the dark demons that reside in the corners of Jewish fanaticism.

    I post this criticism of Israel and my people with no pleasure. Just shock and disbelief.

  2. Hadar Sela’s indifference at the terror attack against Israelis whose sole “crime” was to be gay is horrifying. While Israel mourns the victims, Ms. Sela ignores the crime and attacks the journalists who report on it. Shame!

    • I’m sorry, but you have no way of telling from this report whether Ms Sela is ‘indifferent’ to the recent attack at the Gay Pride march, or not: she simply does not use this report to mention her own personal feelings either way. That does not mean she has no feelings on the matter, it simply means she did not share them through this forum.

      Neither does she ‘attack’ any journalist via this report: she simply points out that one part of one BBC report tries to make a motivational connection between this incident and a separate incident occurring several years ago, when in actual fact, there is insufficient evidence on which to base that connection.

      Since the stated purpose of this site is for “Monitoring BBC coverage of Israel for accuracy and impartiality”and not “Disseminating Ms Sela’s personal thoughts and feelings about criminal acts occurring in Israel”, I think she stuck to her brief pretty well.

      • Yorkie, WELL SAID! I reiterate what I’ve said on here many times before: some anti Israel posters are more concerned with attacking Adam Levick and Hadar Sela than they are about the disinformation emanating from the media’s coverage of Israel. ‘Adan’ has some other agenda, clearly, and he has no knowledge whatsoever as to how Ms Sela feels about this crime.

        • Ta, Fairlinda. BTW, I don’t think there is any need to ‘struggle to maintain the moral high ground’ regarding Israel – Israel maintains it pretty well all by itself, despite constant duress: While the recent arson/multiple-stabbing/murder/terrorism attacks having been perpetrated by Jews (assumedly, in the case of the Duma attack) are indeed shocking and disgusting (as was the brutal murder of poor young Abu Khadeir last year) they were very, very rapidly and publicly decried, not only by the Israeli Govt., and its associated bodies, but also independently by many prominent Israelis, and indeed (as I see from Israeli news outlets and blog comments, by reading the comments regarding the attacks and also reports about the anti-violence demonstrations), by a vast number of ordinary Israelis too. The stabber has already been apprehended, and since he already has ‘form’ for similar behaviour 10 years ago, you can bet your bottom dollar he will soon be incarcerated for a very, very long time. The Israeli police are currently investigating the terrorist attack in Duma, and I have little doubt and every hope that they will identify and apprehend the terrorists soon, and incarcerate them as well – as indeed they did for the murderers of Abu Khadeir.
          But while the Molotov cocktail attack on the house in Duma was absolutely horrific, I do remember that there were at least 2 Molotov cocktail attacks by Palestinians on Jewish homes in Jerusalem over recent months – where this type of incendiary device was thrown onto the houses’ balconies. What kind of response do you imagine Mr Abbas and Mr Meshaal might have offered, had one of those attacks proved fatal? Would they have been promptly and publicly decried by Hamas and the PA? How many prominent Palestinians would have spoken out against the attacks? How many Palestinian bloggers would have expressed revulsion on line? How many anti-violence demonstrations would have been held in Ramallah?
          Hamas actually financed the murder of the 3 x yeshiva pupils last summer, and although Abbas did (eventually) utter a few words condemning the murders, the PA began a program of incitement to violence that made a mockery of his utterances. The ‘ordinary Palestinians’ broke out the sweetie jars, rioted to hinder the Israeli police in their investigations, and hid the perpetrators.
          You could try asking those who ‘would have Israel destroyed’ and who attempt to use the recent attacks as justification for this, whether they also want Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia…actually, most of the ME… destroyed, since these countries have many more incidences of religiously motivated murders than Israel has had from the hands of its Jewish population. Or would they also care to destroy Iran, Saudi, and a miriad of African countries, where the killing of LGBs* is at the very least state-condoned, and often state sponsored (*note: there simply are no ‘T’s in these countries). Because if not, they are holding Israel to standards way above those they expect of other countries, and as such, they are definitively racist, and therefore categorically have no claim to any ‘moral high ground’ themselves.

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