BBC News conceals Fatah linked group’s role in terror attack

As readers are no doubt aware, on the evening of October 1st two Israelis were murdered in a shooting attack. Eitam and Na’ama Henkin were travelling together with their four small children near the village of Beit Furik when terrorists opened fire from a passing vehicle.

“The Israeli family came under fire when they slowed down before making a turn. At that moment, a Palestinian vehicle accelerated toward the family. Two attackers opened fire on the family with a handgun and a rifle.

Both parents were struck multiple times in their upper bodies, paramedics said. They were pronounced dead at the scene.

“It was a very difficult scene,” said MDA paramedic Boaz Malka, one of the first to arrive. “We saw a vehicle in the middle of the road, and a man in his 30s lying next to it with wounds in his upper torso. Inside the car sat a woman in her 30s, also with severe wounds to her upper torso. They were without any signs of life, and unfortunately we were forced to pronounce them dead at the scene.”

According to investigators, Naama Henkin was killed immediately. Eitam, despite suffering from multiple bullet wounds, stepped out of the vehicle and opened one of the car’s back doors, telling his children to flee the scene. He then collapsed on the road and died.”

BBC News website reporting on the attack was added to an existing article originally titled “Israel ‘prepared to resume peace talks’ with Palestinians” which dealt with the topic of the Israeli prime minister’s speech at the UN. Following the attack, the article’s headline was changed to read “Israeli couple shot dead in West Bank” and was amended a further three times.

Only in the fifth version of the article, updated on the morning of October 2nd, were the couple identified and the BBC managed to get Eitam Henkin’s first name wrong.

Pigua Henkin family names

The three later versions of the report noted Hamas’ response to the attack.

“The Palestinian militant organisation Hamas, which is dominant in Gaza, said “we bless the killing of settlers in the West Bank”.

Spokesman Husam Badran said: “We call on our people in the West Bank to carry out more quality operations like the [one] today.

“This is the only solution which is supported by the masses of our people everywhere.””

However, the BBC has not updated the report to inform audiences of the fact that responsibility for the terror attack was claimed by a group connected to the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party.Pigua Henkin family main

“The Abdel Qader al-Husseini Brigades, a group affiliated with Fatah’s al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, announced on Friday that its men on Thursday night opened fire on the car of Eitam and Naama Henkin, a couple in their 30s, while they were driving home with their four children, aged four months to nine. […]

Fatah, headed by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, is the largest faction within the Palestine Liberation Organization, which is the governing body in West Bank areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority.

“With Allah’s help and in keeping with our right for resistance and our duty to sacred jihad, our forces on Thursday night carried out a necessary action in which they fired on a car of occupying settlers that left the settlement of Itamar, built on Palestinian lands in the south of the city of Hebron. They fired on the car and killed the settler and his partner.””

That information is of course crucial to audience understanding of this story and its wider context but rather than clarifying to readers that the party dominating the Palestinian Authority is affiliated with active terrorist groups, the BBC instead offered audiences ‘context’ which not only downplays the significance of Temple Mount for Jews but fails yet again to inform them about the employment of that site in Palestinian Authority produced incitement.

“Tensions have been particularly high in recent weeks over the long-running issue of access to the al-Aqsa mosque compound in East Jerusalem.

Al-Aqsa is one of Islam’s holiest sites and is in the Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif site also revered by Jews.”

The BBC cannot claim to be meeting its remit of building “a global understanding of international issues” as long as it continues to conceal the role played by the Palestinian Authority in inciting violence and executing terror attacks on Israeli civilians. 

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    Sign the Petition to Stop Funding the Palestinian Authority

    The Palestinian Authority openly supports and encourages terror attacks against the citizens of Israel. Terrorist groups answer this call with a bloodthirsty enthusiasm. If there was any doubt before, it has been completely eliminated this past month, as we have witnessed the most horrific terror attacks against Israelis with full support from the PA.

    It is an outrage that the United States continues to fund the PA. They are funding terror – plain and simple. Join us in demanding that the US stops funding Palestinian terror.

    Murdering Jewish children is for Allah, according to the Palestinian Authority

    The test of a society’s morality is how it responds to murderers and acts of terror.
    Every society has murderers and extremists who would kill even children. The test of a society’s morality is how it responds to those murderers.

    Israel loathes, ostracizes and prosecutes Israeli terrorists who murder Palestinian children. The Palestinian Authority honors, embraces and rewards Palestinian terrorists who murder Israeli children.

    Last Friday, a terrorist, apparently an Israeli, set fire to a Palestinian home, killing an 18-month-old boy. The arson and murder has been condemned by Israel’s prime minister, president, political and religious leaders and everyone who has spoken about it. When the murderer is found he will be prosecuted and will spend the rest of his life in prison.

    On March 11, 2011, five members of the Fogel family were killed in their home by Palestinian terrorists from the Awad family. Hakim Awad led the attack, killing the parents, Ehud and Ruth, and three of their children, aged 11, four and two months.

    From the day Awad was arrested the PA rewarded him with a monthly salary, which eventually will reach $3,000 a month, four times the average Palestinian civil servant’s salary. Official PA TV then invited his mother and aunt to talk on the PA TV program dedicated to honoring and sending greetings to imprisoned terrorists. They referred to Awad and his accomplices as “heroes” and Hakim Awad himself was called “the hero, the legend.” The PA TV host added: “We, for our part, also convey our greetings to them.”

    Dalal Mughrabi led a terrorist attack in which 12 children and 25 adults were murdered in a bus hijacking. To teach Palestinian children the value it places on murdering a large number of Israeli children the PA has named dozens of places in her honor, including three schools, summer camps, sporting events, a town square and much more.

    PA President Mahmoud Abbas himself funded a computer center named after her and sponsored a birthday party in her honor, as the banner shown on PA TV highlighted: “Under the auspices of President Mahmoud Abbas: The Political and National Education Authority Ceremony on the anniversary of the birth of the bride of the cosmos, The Martyr Dalal Mughrabi.”

    On March 29, 2002, 17-year-old suicide bomber Ayyat Akhras murdered a 17-year-old Israeli girl named Rachel Levy. To make sure Palestinian children understand how valuable it is to murder Israeli teens, the PA placed a picture of Akhras over the door of the Artas High School for Girls near Bethlehem. The caption to the picture reads: “The Heroic Martyr.”

    In May 2013, Palestinian Media Watch reported that official PA TV had honored three Palestinian terrorists responsible for many gruesome suicide bombings that in all claimed the lives of 156 Israeli civilians, including many children. The bombings included the Passover Seder bombing, killing 31; Sbarro restaurant bombing, 15 (eight children); Hebrew University, nine; Cafe Moment, 12; Cafe Hillel, seven; Zion Square in Jerusalem, 11.

    PA TV responded the next week with outrage at PMW: “Palestinian Media Watch… slandered these heroes and claimed that they are terrorists… If they see Abdallah Barghouti [67 life sentences] as a terrorist, Abbas al-Sayid [35 life sentences] as a terrorist and Ibrahim Hamed [54 life sentences], if they see all these prisoners as terrorists – we see them as heroes… I salute you, all you heroic fighter prisoners, and of course, I always wish you freedom” (PA TV [Fatah], June 27, 2013).

    Last October a Palestinian terrorist drove his car into a light-rail station in Jerusalem, killing three-month-old Chaya Zissel Brown and 22-year-old Karen Mosquera of Ecuador, and wounding seven others. He was shot and killed by police while attempting to escape. The next day Fatah, headed by Mahmoud Abbas, honored the murderer as a hero on its Facebook page: “The Palestinian National Liberation Movement, Fatah…

    accompanies to his wedding the heroic Martyr Abd Al-Rahman Al-Shaloudi, who carried out the Jerusalem operation, in which settlers in the occupied city of Jerusalem were run over. Rest in peace, we are loyal to you.”

    Describing his death as a wedding indicates that Fatah believes that killing three-month-old Jewish children is what Allah wants and Islam demands, and that the murderer is being rewarded with 72 dark-eyed virgins in paradise.

    A few weeks later, four rabbis were butchered in a synagogue during morning prayers by two Palestinian terrorists.

    Abbas’s adviser, Sultan Abu Einein, immediately posted pictures on his personal Facebook page of the pools of blood and the murdered rabbis still wearing their bloodied prayer shawls, which he captioned as “pictures from the scene of the heroic operation.” The next day, to assure Palestinians understood that murdering Jews is not only a “heroic” Palestinian nationalist act but also an Islamic imperative, he added these words: “Blessed be your quality weapons, the wheels of your cars, your axes and kitchen knives… it’s according to Allah’s will.

    We are the soldiers of Allah.”

    Since the PA was established Israelis have murdered two Palestinian children.

    The Israeli government presents these murderers of Palestinian children as immoral outcasts. In the same period Palestinian terrorists have murdered close to 200 Israeli children. The PA presents these murderers of Israeli children as heroes and role models and as fulfilling Islam.

    This by itself captures the essence of the immorality of the PA and highlights the myth of a “moderate” PA. As long as the PA teaches its children and adults that it is heroic, rewarded and ordered by Islam to murder Jews, a Palestinian peace partner has yet to emerge, Palestinian terrorism will continue and a peace process has yet to begin.

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