BBC Watch submission to the DCMS Charter Review

Many readers and members of the public attending our recent events in the UK have asked for a copy of BBC Watch’s submission to the DCMS public consultation on the topic of the renewal of the BBC’s Royal Charter in 2016.DCMS consultation

On our menu bar above we have now added a tab titled ‘2016 BBC Charter Review’ where all material on that topic will be stored for convenient location.

BBC Watch’s submission to the public consultation can be found in the drop-down box at that tab or here.

We will update the tab as more information becomes available. 

2 comments on “BBC Watch submission to the DCMS Charter Review

  1. bbc is nothing less than an antisemitic, Israel bashing propaganda loud voice supporting arab and fake “palezstinians’ propaganda. It is not credible nor impartial and its object is not journalistic just an intimidation anti Israel propaganda instrument. It should be prohibited and replaced by a journalistic fact finding instrument.

  2. Hi Hadar  Have Tweeted and will forward to Northwood Comm unity after Shabbat. Your whole trip astounding success well done. Janet

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