BBC One fails to correct George Galloway’s lie about Israeli policy

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Among the promoted segments on the webpage of the BBC One programme ‘This Week’ one finds a clip from the November 19th edition featuring former MP George Galloway. 

This Week Galloway on HP

About six and a half minutes into that clip, host Andrew Neil asks Galloway for his reaction to the UK Labour party’s response to the recent terror attacks in Paris.

Galloway: “One has to say if anyone comes here with guns and bombs, our police will shoot them down and stop them. There’s no room for equivocation about that at all. Err…of course a shoot to kill policy in general…”

Neil: [interrupts] “That’s a different thing of course. That could give back thoughts of Northern Ireland.”

Galloway: “Indeed – Northern Ireland or what Israel does in the occupied territories and so on. Apart from being wrong, they don’t work. They make more terrorists.” [emphasis added]

Along with his guests Michael Portillo and Labour’s Liz Kendall, Andrew Neil sat in total silence as veteran anti-Israel activist Galloway opportunistically promoted the blatant lie that Israel employs a ‘shoot to kill’ policy to BBC audiences.

In addition to Neil’s failure to comply with BBC editorial guidelines on accuracy – which state “We should normally acknowledge serious factual errors and correct them quickly, clearly and appropriately” – by correcting the materially misleading claim from Galloway immediately after it was made, the BBC has further promoted that uncorrected clip for view by audiences who did not see the programme’s original broadcast. 

7 comments on “BBC One fails to correct George Galloway’s lie about Israeli policy

  1. There was a lot of friendly/diplomatic chit chat between Galloway and Neil – like two boxers in the ring, sussing with other out. Neil is experienced enough to have been able to answer Galloway’s lie – disappointing and disturbing that he didn’t.

  2. Why was Galloway invited on to the programme in the first place? He is no longer an M.P. he had no place being there. The programme’s producer needs to be asked the awkward question. He is not like Ken Livingstone whose political career is not at an end unfortunately because he always gets the largest number of votes for membership of Labour’s National Executive Committee.

  3. The fact that the normally fiercely independent and usually very objective Andrew Neil chose not to say anything during his interview with Galloway proves the BBC bias towards Israel.

    Why, after all these months did Neil suddenly choose to keep quiet? Because his bosses at the BBC told him to if Galloway, as he always does, mentioned Israel. And Neil knows that even if Galloway was on to discuss the price of fish and chips, the pretend MP and serial liar Galloway would always drag Israel into the conversation.

  4. This morning’s interview with Mark Rylance was in a similar vein. Virtually the first thing that Rylance said is that Israeli is “very defensive” because of the six million lost in the war. He carefully avoided mentioning the word “Jew” and did not say anything about the fact that any country would have done the same when threatened with stabbings and knifings on a random basis. He then went on to claim that the man released from Guantanamo was “innocent”, the interviewer did not point out, of course, that not having been before a court of law does not necessarily mean you are innocent. The two presenters, Bill Turnbill and Louise Minchin, went on to comment what a lovely man Rylance was! Stick to acting, Mark, and leave the politics to people with half a brain.

  5. notice Galloway said in the occupied territories. the recent palestinian attacks occur mostly inside israel itself, places like tel aviv, and not in the occupied territories

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