BBC News Christmas report amended to remove misleading description

An article currently appearing on the BBC News website under the title “Christmas marked around the world” and with the date stamp December 25th is made up of photographs from seven different locations appearing under the short introduction “Across the world, billions of Christians have been marking Christmas, the traditional birthday of Jesus Christ.”Christmas art

The original version of that article – published on the evening of December 24th – carried a different introduction.

“Across the world, Christians have begun marking Christmas with services, with Pope Francis holding midnight mass at the Vatican.

In the holy city of Bethlehem, the West Bank town where it is believed that Jesus was born, events have been overshadowed by recent violence between Palestinians and Israelis.

“There’s lights, there’s carols, but there’s an underlying sense of tension,” one pilgrim to Bethlehem, Briton Paul Haines, told Associated Press news agency.” [emphasis added]

Fortunately, that misleading description of over three months of Palestinian terror attacks against Israelis was removed from later versions of the report.

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  1. Robert Davis could note that it is some decades since the Arabs of the ex- Jordanian West Bank prefer to pretend they are Philistines. Ditto Gaza was offered to Egypt in the 1982 treaty negotiations but they refused. That it would save everybody a lot of aggro to return to the Green Line in Peace Treaty is beyond doubt – but the Arab governments rejected that in summer 1967!

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