Antisemitic rant on BBC Radio London gets media attention

The inadequately challenged thirteen minute-long antisemitic rant of a caller to a BBC Radio London phone-in show on December 22nd has attracted media attention both in the UK and Israel.BBC Radio London

The story has been covered by the Israeli news site nrg (Hebrew) and at the Times of Israel in a report titled “BBC radio hosts 13-minute Jewish conspiracy rant” which points out that:

“At no point did the presenter, who challenged Andy intermittently on his arguments, note that he was spouting anti-Semitism.”

In the UK, the Jewish News reported the story on December 28th and the following day the Jewish Chronicle published an article titled “Caller’s shocking antisemitic rant on BBC radio phone-in“.

As both those reports point out, the BBC spokesman’s defence of the corporation’s handling of the incident includes the claim that “[f]ollowing the interview reaction from other listeners was also broadcast” with – as the Jewish Chronicle notes – “one saying the caller was an “angry conspiracy theorist”.

That would of course suggest that the BBC is trying to claim that its own obligations – as laid out in the editorial guidelines, in the Agreement accompanying the Royal Charter and in the OFCOM guidance notes on harm and offence – can be outsourced to members of the general public.

The fact that some additional callers who happened to be listening to BBC Radio London at the time reacted to this item after it was broadcast clearly in no way mitigates the fact that the BBC presenter failed to adequately challenge the inaccuracies, conspiracy theories and antisemitic tropes heard by listeners to the programme. 

BBC Watch’s submission to the DCMS public consultation on the BBC charter review included the following proposal:

“The BBC also needs to commit to mandatory education for its staff – including producers, journalists, handlers of complaints and message board moderators – on the issue of recognizing and identifying antisemitism.  The issue of propagation of antisemitic discourse on BBC message boards and social media must be tackled vigorously through improved moderation and the promotion of antisemitic tropes in BBC content should obviously be entirely unacceptable.”

This case clearly once again underscores the need for action on this issue. 

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  1. Compare this with the way the BBC handled the comments by Oliver Letwin made after the Broadwater Farm riots in the 1980s! The BBC was incandescent with rage and the story was repeated on the radio and TV news throughout the day, with reaction from people such as Darcus Howe who claimed that Letwin should be prosecuted. The BBC should be prosecuted for allowing the antisemitic caller to carry on ranting for 13 minutes, can you imagine if this vilification had been directed at any other racial group?

  2. bbc thinks evidently that by spreading antisemitism it will bend Israel’s resistance, weaken it by illegal and vile means and ultimately destroy it. I suppose this is an efficient way for antisemites with no morality to destroy an “enemy” in particular an enemy who does nothing against them which is doulbly stupid. However they won’t destroy Israel this way they are destroying themselves and preparing ww3 upon their brainless heads. This is what can be expected from a generation of leftwing nitwits, cowards,degenarate and suicidal cretins.

    • Adam, does BBCWatch believe its a question of a Regulatory Authority reviewing compliance of the Charter with the BBC, In-House Training for all staff, and having the courage to know when to use the ‘dump button’ (dropping a caller who is over the top racist, foul mouthed or some other beastly behavior? It is a question or Will and Culture at the BBC. Let’s face it, if this had been a caller who had been spouting off the equivalent for Muslims; the diatribe would not have lasted 13 minutes. It must, therefore, be assumed that there are elements at various levels at the BBC whom are Antii-Semitic and when given the opportunity will let that be expressed through their position. This seems to be a fight that must take place not only on the level of the BBC, the Governmental Authority that controls it but possibly at Parliament unless I am misunderstanding your system and who funds the BBC. In any event, this is my opinion and I hope that I’ve added to the discussion.

  3. As the year ends, Duvidl sadly concludes that it is British Jewish anti-semites, bigots, Jew-hate-enablers and turkeys voting for Xmas who have had a major impact on exacerbated BBC Jew-and-Isra-hatred coverage this year.

    Duvidl’s top three:

    1. Beeboid radio presenter Simon Lederman, above.
    2. Sir Gerald Kaufman MP, one of this year’s Simon Wiesenthal Center top 10 anti-semitic slur-mongers for accusing Israel of fabricating over half of the stabbing attacks of civilians by terrorists in Jerusalem.
    3.Oliver Letwin MP, Jewish atheist, currently accused of racist slurs in 1985.

    “…As the son of Jewish parents, Letwin was criticised by The Daily Mail in June 2013 for editing his own Wikipedia profile to change information regarding his faith. His religion was changed to Atheism. Letwin confirmed one of his staff had removed the reference listing his religion as ‘Judaism’ as “although his family background is Jewish, he is now an atheist”, the newspaper reported…” (Wikipedia)

  4. By its very nature believing in any religion is believing in something. On the other hand Mr. Letwin, an Atheist has ’nothingness’ as Jean Sarte espoused for his New Era and therefore to list Religion-Aetheist is an antonym of term and should more appropriately have been described as NONE. At this point Im tempted to use this term further but I should have embarrassed you enough if you have any sense you will get the drift.

  5. They are only concerned with their own deluded liberal agendas, as rigid and unselfaware as any lunatic right winger. Don’t look to them for unbiassed fairness. God bless Israel and her people.

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