A new report on an issue ignored by the BBC

Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) has compiled a report about an issue which those getting news and information about the Middle East from the BBC will be unaware even exists. PMW’s overview of Palestinian Authority Antisemitism in 2015 was recently released at a conference in the European Parliament.PMW report

“The report documents that the Palestinian Authority continued to emit overtly Antisemitic messages throughout 2015, portraying Jews as inherently evil, comparing them to apes and pigs, and depicting them as a threat to all humanity. The PA has also continued to lend credence to the Antisemitic forgery Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which claims that Jews conspire to take over the entire world.”

The pdf version of the report can be found here.


3 comments on “A new report on an issue ignored by the BBC

  1. This is the mentality of their hateful religious ideology .Its not only Antisemitic ,its AntiArab too.For the Arab hate each other,despise each other ,never trust each other.28 Arab stated are divided since the Dawn of Islam.The hate between Sunni and Shia’t Muslims is beyond reality.

  2. I hope a precedent has been created now that Sciences Po has expelled a Kuwaiti student for posting disgusting antisemitic diatribes on line. It is the first time this very prestigious French university has expelled anyone since 1870! It is time British universities did the same. I notice that the Iranian antisemitic cartoon competition has not been publicised anywhere in the UK.

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