Political designation of terror attack location again gets priority from BBC News

Less than 24 hours after the publication of a report on a fatal terror attack which focused audience attentions on the perceived political status of the village in which the victim lived rather than on the person herself, the BBC News website used the same formula to report an additional attack in Tekoa.

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Tekoa attack art

Once again the headline used failed to clarify to audiences that the story is about a terror attack or to inform them of the identity of the terrorist. The victim – Michal Froman – was not identified in the report but once again, the BBC made sure to communicate to audiences its preferred political designation of the location where the incident took place.  

“A pregnant Israeli woman has been stabbed and wounded by a Palestinian man in a settlement in the occupied West Bank, the Israeli military says.

The assailant was shot by the head of security at the Tekoa settlement, south of Jerusalem, after attacking the 30-year-old woman at a warehouse.

The woman was said to be in a moderate and stable condition in hospital.

The attack comes less than 24 hours after an Israeli woman was killed at another West Bank settlement.”

Additionally, BBC News website editors found it appropriate to offer readers additional recommended reading in the form of the October 2015 article by Kevin Connolly in which he claimed that Israelis fearful of terror attacks suffer from ‘paranoia’.







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  1. If it is true that the Israeli military use such words as “settlements” and “occupied west bank” the Israeli govt. which authorizes this kind of totally dumb words, should be fired.

  2. teddymcnabb & Robert.davd74 you’re on the money. The IDFSpokesperson needs to fired and replaced with someone who has an advance degree in Communications with years of experience plus a proven track record who can think their feet.

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