BBC Two’s ‘Newsnight’ gives a stage to Galloway’s conspiracy theories

Following the publication on January 21st of the results of the inquiry into the death of Alexander Litvinenko, the producers of BBC Two’s flagship current affairs programme ‘Newsnight‘ apparently reached the bizarre conclusion that their mission of providing audiences with “comprehensive coverage of the day’s important national and international news stories” could best be met by bringing George Galloway into the studio.

During that interview, Galloway made the following statement:

“Look, I know Plutonium [sic] 210. I was at Yasser Arafat’s bedside in France when he died from Polonium 210, so I know how foul a murder this was.”

Despite the fact that the conspiracy theories concerning Arafat’s supposed poisoning with Polonium were laid to rest months ago, presenter Evan Davis made no effort to relieve viewers of the inaccurate impression created by Galloway.

At one point during the conversation with Galloway, Evan Davis remarked:

“Well we can be sceptical and we can be super sceptical and then we can end up as conspiracy theorists.”

Did the ‘Newsnight’ production team’s pre-broadcast research really fail to turn up the fact that on the topic under discussion (and many others) the man they invited to contribute has long been situated in that latter category – as shown, for example, in one of his appearances (apparently from 2013) on the Iranian regime’s ‘Press TV’?

Yes; that is the caliber of populist commentator the ‘Newsnight’ production team apparently thought could contribute to meeting their remit of enhancing UK audiences’ understanding of international issues.

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3 comments on “BBC Two’s ‘Newsnight’ gives a stage to Galloway’s conspiracy theories

  1. It does not surprise me one little bit. Evan Davis, who is terminally stupid, is the worst Newsnight (or any other) reporter ever and only got his job because of the gay mafia operating at the BBC. He is also frighteningly ugly, he reminds me of Nosferatu (the vampire) not a good look for a TV presenter. Frankly, I never watch Newsnight because I simply can’t bear to look at him. Bringing George Galloway on to the programme and allowing him to spew out his hatred is utterly disgusting and brings the BBC into the utmost disrepute.

  2. The BBC is nothing else but disgusting. Even intelligent non-Jews have given up watching their biased rubbish reporting – but the problem is that their anti-Israel stance is having its desired effect on campuses where gullible students are brain-washed into protesting at everything that is pro-Israel.

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