How Pavlovian BBC responses can lead to inaccurate reporting

On January 22nd the BBC News website published a report titled “Syrian arrested in Germany over UN kidnapping” which opens as follows:Syrian arrested art

“A Syrian has been arrested in the south German city of Stuttgart on suspicion of helping to kidnap a UN peacekeeper in Damascus, prosecutors say.

The peacekeeper escaped in October 2013, eight months after being captured in Syria’s capital.

Germany’s federal prosecutors say al-Nusra Front, an Islamist group affiliated to al-Qaeda, was behind the kidnapping.”

The article goes on to state:

“The peacekeeper, whose nationality was not named, had been based in the demilitarised zone on the Israeli-occupied Syrian Golan Heights and it is not known why he was in Damascus.” [emphasis added]

As anyone familiar with the region will know, the area still known as the demilitarized zone (although it long since ceased to meet that description) is not “Israeli-occupied” at all and has not been throughout more than four decades of its existence.Camp Faouar

But a closer look at this story demonstrates even further how the Pavlovian response “Israeli-occupied” to the term “Golan Heights” from a BBC journalist led to inaccurate reporting.

Whilst the German authorities may indeed not have mentioned the UN peacekeeper’s identity and nationality, as other reports on the story note, the only person of that description to have escaped his kidnappers in October 2013 after eight months in captivity was the Canadian national Carl Campeau who acted as a legal advisor to UNDOF.

And – as noted in several interviews given by Mr Campeau after his ordeal – at the time of his kidnapping he was actually based in Syria – at UNDOF’s Camp Faouar which is located to the east of the demilitarised zone.

In other words, there was no reason whatsoever for the term “Israeli-occupied” to appear in this report.  


4 comments on “How Pavlovian BBC responses can lead to inaccurate reporting

  1. “In other words, there was no reason whatsoever for the term “Israeli-occupied” to appear in this report.”

    Yes there was. It was another opportunity to demonise and denigrate Israel.

  2. Meanwhile it seems Jewish beeboid high-flyer Danny Cohen is to leave the BBC on 13 October after signing a letter opposing a proposed Israel cultural boycott. The BBC called his signature “inadvisable.”

    Duvidl is hardly surprised at his departure. He remembers Melanie Phillips’ comment fearing that Danny could lose his top job and praising Danny’s courage when he spoke out last year criticising BBC Isra-hate bias. Now he actually seems to have been fired.

    Duvidl’s advice to any Jews considering applying for a corrupt Savile-employing BBC job: make sure you are long-standing Corbynesque Trot and try polishing up your Isra-and-self-hate credentials with an Isra-bashing tweet or two.

    • NB. Danny has actually already left the BBC ; last October.

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