The drip drip of politicised geography on BBC Two

Throughout this month BBC Two has been showing a series titled ‘Immortal Egypt’ presented by Egyptologist Professor Joann Fletcher of York University. The fourth and final episode opened with footage of Fletcher in Alexandria, telling audiences that:

“This is about as far north in Egypt as it’s possible to get because out there is the Mediterranean. To my west is Libya; to my east – Palestine and Arabia….”

Libya does indeed of course lie to the west of Egypt but to its east, Egypt has borders with the Gaza Strip and a country called Israel – which the BBC has apparently found fit to inaccurately rebrand as ‘Palestine’.




5 comments on “The drip drip of politicised geography on BBC Two

  1. Despicable. Perhaps the BBC hopes to sell this series to countries who do not recognise the existence of Israel.

  2. This sounds like Foreign Office material from the 1940s; I expect to see Lawrence of Arabia riding a camel over the horizon. “Arabia” indeed. Makes “Palestine” look positively correct, and maybe it was in the ’40s.

  3. What a pathetic creature is this Joann Fletcher ! She blindly follows the Salford diktat that Israel must never be mentioned as an established nation but must be covered up with flowery nonsense about a country that does not exist and another country(misnamed) that does not border Egypt. Please give me her email address so I can educate her.

  4. Yet another beeboid Isra-hater; it must be part of the BBC School of Journalism qualification exam. A verse from Duvidl:

    Your skin is ghostly-pale.
    Life for Jo Fletcher flickers.
    That fear of Israel
    Must make you wet-yer knickers.

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