BBC continues to mainstream extremist group

h/t Sussex Friends of Israel

The January 31st edition of BBC One’s “moral, ethical and religious debate” programme ‘The Big Questions’ included a revival of the ‘Mossad stole my shoe’ story from last year.

The inventor of that story, Asghar Bukhari, has apparently since relocated to the UAE but the organization he previously headed – MPACUK – was represented on this BBC programme by a former assistant to the controversial ex-MP for Bradford East – who is apparently not averse to doing a bit of fund-raising for extremists in his spare time.

As readers can see in the clip from the full programme below, Raza Nadim obviously still buys into that story and unfortunately host Nicky Campbell only adds credence to the outlandish conspiracy theory.  

Of course what is really disturbing about this programme is that fact that even after the spotlight placed on MPACUK’s long-known racism and extremism by Bukhari’s ridiculous claim and despite the UK government’s recognition of conspiracy theories and antisemitism as precursors to extremism, the BBC still continues to provide a platform for an organization flagged up in the All Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Antisemitism a decade ago (from paragraph 140, page 29, here) and included on a list of proscribed organisations holding “racist or fascist views” by the National Union of Students.

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5 comments on “BBC continues to mainstream extremist group

  1. I believe that if islam was not so belligerent and inclined to violence we could laugh its slaves to kingdom come regardless of how many there are.

    I wonder whether Ashgar Bukhari was “relocated” to Saudi for mental health treatment. Worrisome was the extent to which he clung to such a ridiculous story without any apparent insight into how ridiculous he looked and obviously was.

    As for the stooge above, reality testing is hardly his strong point either is it?

  2. Would the BBC run this if MI6 were substituted for Mossad? Did this ‘Investigative team” of “Journalists” research Raza Nadims background not just the vitae or Bio that was handed the Station, Lastly, did the BBC try to do a background check through MI5, Interpol, and Israel for both MPACUK and Raza Nadim, so Ricky can be balance and fair by looking at their Integrity. He can also mention that they are listed as a racist, extremist in the All Party Parliamentary Inquiry

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