BBC Russian mangles headline on Jerusalem terror attack

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The continuing phenomenon of biased media reporting of the ongoing wave of terror against Israelis sparked a warning from the head of Israel’s Government Press Office this week.

“The Israeli government official responsible for accrediting foreign journalists said on Wednesday that he will consider revoking press credentials for media members who “are derelict in doing their jobs and write headlines that are the opposite of what happened.””

That announcement came after CBS produced a report on the February 3rd terror attack at Damascus Gate in Jerusalem with the headline “3 Palestinians killed as daily violence grinds on”.

After having come under severe criticism for a similarly egregious headline last October, the BBC News website managed to find a more reasonable title for its English language report on the February 3rd attack – “Israeli border guards shot in Jerusalem attack”.

However, it would appear that not all BBC departments have learned the lessons regarding accurate and impartial headline writing. BBC Russian’s report on the February 3rd attack was headlined “Israeli police killed three Palestinians in Jerusalem”.

BBC Russian Damascus Gate attack

Following protest on social media, that headline was later amended and a footnote was added to the article to reflect that fact.

Nevertheless, the BBC has obviously still has a way to go before it can claim to have adequately dealt with the issue of inaccurate headline writing in all its departments. 


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  1. The BBC and now the CBS effectively are headlining lies about incidents in Israel – in their hell-bent crusade to destabilise Israel. It is high time that foreign journalists responsible should be warned that their accreditation will be removed instantly such headlines are broadcast. It’s not rocket science.

    • Israel demands that it’s vibrant democratic credentials be recognized. It is the basis for the widespread support for Israel throughout the democratic world. Penalizing this or that journalist, or this or that media, will loose us friends that we need.

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