The BBC wants your feedback

Global minds tweet

The above recent Tweet from the BBC World account presents an opportunity to remind readers living outside the UK of the existence of the ‘Global Minds’ forum where members of the public can give input and feedback on BBC content and programming.

Registration for the ‘Global Minds’ panel can be found here.

7 comments on “The BBC wants your feedback

  1. Global minds is a joke. I had it taken down at one point for the vicious jewhate all over it. Its infiltrated with a bunch of absolute morons. Don’t waste ur time

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  2. Your biased approach to Israel is obnoxious . You do not give the truth of what is happening there . Common sense is not used and you are laughable . It is not rocket science that the only democracy in the M/E is the aggressor . Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  3. Your reporting on Israel is diabolical!! You have very, very bad unprofessional Middle East journalists. and I am not Jewish. I hate having to pay a licence fee, for damn right bigotry! I wish there was a way out of it!

  4. You are without any question totally biased when you report incidents in Israel. It is an absolute disgrace and sickening to watch and hear.

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