BBC silent on latest Gaza Strip smuggling attempt

Sadly, there is nothing novel about the BBC failing to report on terror-related abuses of the system of entry of goods into the Gaza Strip. 

Since the end of the 2014 conflict – during which BBC journalists self-conscripted to Hamas’ PR campaign against the border controls aimed at preventing the entry of weapons and dual-use goods into the Gaza Strip – the corporation has repeatedly failed to report on the issue of Hamas’ misappropriation of construction materials and has also ignored attempts to smuggle substances such as sulfuric acid and TDI into Gaza.

drones Gaza

Photo credit: Ministry of Defence

Moreover, whilst ignoring those stories the BBC has concurrently given platforms to the amplification of false information about restrictions on the types and amounts of goods entering the Gaza Strip.  

Earlier this week it was announced that yet another smuggling attempt has been thwarted.

“Israeli security guards at the Kerem Shalom border crossing into the southern Gaza Strip and Shin Bet operatives recently foiled an attempt to smuggle drones into the Palestinian enclave, the Defense Ministry announced Sunday.

During a search of an Israeli vehicle carrying toys, security guards found several drones of different sizes and types, all of which were equipped with quality cameras.[…]

The drones were apparently set to be used for spying on Israeli targets, the Defense Ministry said.”

And apparently this is not the first such seizure.

“Additional attempts to smuggle commercial drones were intercepted by the Shin Bet in recent weeks.”

Predictably, there has to date been no BBC reporting of this story.


3 comments on “BBC silent on latest Gaza Strip smuggling attempt

  1. Thanks to BBC Watch for keeping tabs on the BBC’s relentless selective reporting but surely Israel, whilst the current wave of murders and attempted murders by Palestinians is prevalent, should not be allowing any non-essential goods to be entering the Gaza strip.

  2. It only becomes newsworthy in the eyes of Biased BS Confabulation if there is a war and as Hadar has so aptly described in the past: Israel hits back first.

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