BBC News silent on Abbas’ rejection of Jewish state

Last week the Fatah Revolutionary Council held a meeting in Ramallah titled “Session of the Martyrs of Jerusalem Call and the Popular Uprising”.Fatah meeting 2 3

At that meeting the PA president, PLO chairman and Fatah head Mahmoud Abbas stated that the “Palestinian leadership categorically rejects the idea of a Jewish Israel” –i.e. it will not recognise Israel as the Jewish state.

Israeli journalist Khaled Abu Toameh reported on March 9th that a Palestinian Authority official had made a similar statement.

“Our position remains as clear as ever: there will be no recognition of Israel as a Jewish state and no compromise on the right of return, which must be solved according to UN resolution 194.”

The subject of recognition of Israel as the Jewish state came up during the talks between Israel and the PLO in 2013/14 and the BBC failed to accurately inform its audiences of the significance of that issue at the time.

“…the issue of Palestinian (and wider Arab) recognition of Israel as the Jewish state is an important one in itself and not only in connection with the subject of refugees. A lasting peace agreement cannot of course be brought about without recognition and acceptance of Israel’s existence in the region as an expression of the national rights of the Jewish people, along with an end to the kind of all too prevalent officially sanctioned incitement which encourages Palestinians (and others in the wider region) to continue to view Israel as “Arab land”.”

In recent months the BBC has taken to dubiously ‘contextualising’ the current wave of terror against Israelis as the product of frustration at lack of progress on the diplomatic front.

“The recent rise in violence is blamed by Palestinians on the continued occupation by Israel of the West Bank and the failure of the Middle East peace process.”

The BBC has of course not told its audiences about the above recent statement from Mahmoud Abbas and hence has not clarified to them that such an approach guarantees continued stagnation of the Middle East peace process. And it has not explained that resolution of the issue it promotes (in accordance with PLO media guidance) as being the root cause of Palestinian terrorists murdering Israelis in the streets is – as this example shows – at least as dependent upon the Palestinian side as it is upon the Israeli side.

In other words, the BBC has not fulfilled its obligation to “build a global understanding of international issues”.

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6 comments on “BBC News silent on Abbas’ rejection of Jewish state

  1. As the PA that it will NEVER recognise the state of Israel, there is no point in Israel listening to their arguments. Israel should announce to the world that consequently there can never be a “two-state solution” and that henceforth the families of all terrorists – alive or dead – will be sent to Gaza with immediate effect. Please stop this pussyfooting around.

  2. You can’t blame the BBC alone when there has been a concerted effort to frame the Israel/Arab-‘Palestinian’ War with the letters bias always coming first. This latest episode didn’t create angry rebuke by David Cameron, Mssr Hollande, Frau Merkel, Federica Mogaherini, nor Barack Hussein Obama. It’s not even a blip on their radar, not that they don’t understand the significance, but they have an Agenda. Before the 6-Day War the World perceived us as a tiny weak Nation and After the 6-Day War the World started ever so slowly to turn us into the bully. YArafat scared the Western Public and one day a Western Journalist gave the BS story that YArafat whispered in his ear that he recognized the Right of the State of Israel to exist. Interestingly, that the Press reported that the PLO Executive changed their Charter when they had Big Meeting on This Topic, but it was never shown to the Public and later denied. So, one organ of the Palestinians working pretty much hand in hand (if you want to report from their area) is Worldwide Palestinian Media shading the truth little by little to achieve a goal except for when Organizations like yours catch them Red Handed. The other 2 tentacles are the Elitist Leaders in the West who must dream up this crap at Bilderberg each year and the Leftists in Europe and the US/Canada/Australia jmsabbagh is quite accurate. Arafat and his benefactors after 48’, 67’, and 73’ realized militarily they would never win and therefore they switched tactics. It transported Arafat and minions out of Tunisia to Israel giving him roots and legitimacy and the start of all our current headaches.

  3. Funny how a UN General Assembly recommendation that neither states what the Arabs claim it states and violates international law can become a ‘right’. There is no such right in the world and the Islamofascist colonists can go suck an egg

  4. The BBC has changed the narrative this last thirty years or more as they now espouse the Muslims narrative based on Taqquiya lies deceit and illusion permitted to Muslims performing jihad against the infidels Quran 3.28. The PLO under Arafat stated that they could never agree to a Jewish country and its within their constitution that they can never allow the Jews a country within what they consider the Islamic Caliphate. Words like terrorist have become lone wolf or aggrieved Palestinians and such CONSTITUTIONAL JEW/ISRAEL HATRED has been cultivated and expressed. The BBC reporter for the Paris attacks this year tried to use an elderly woman survivor of the Holocaust to suggest that there was equivalence shocking antisemitism prevails! The British Jew pays for the license to be used for attack on themselves. Shocking racism!

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