Another BBC Radio London phone-in programme forces apology

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Via the Jewish Chronicle we learn that BBC Radio London is once again in the news.

“The BBC has apologised after one of its radio presenters said on-air that Israel “hasn’t really worked out” as a country.

BBC Radio London host Chris Rogers was hosting a phone-in on Tuesday about the refugee crisis when a caller asked: “Why can’t they put a load of them (refugees) in Africa?”

The presenter replied: “Is just dumping families from all over the world, with lots of different cultures and reasons for fleeing – is just dumping them in a new state, if we do Israel all over again, is that really the answer?

“I mean, Israel arguably hasn’t really worked out, has it?””

The BBC’s ‘explanation’ of that remark from Chris Rogers is as follows:

“Chris Rogers was trying to challenge the caller’s point by finding a historical comparison and in the heat of a live programme discussion he picked the example of Israel.

He accepts that his words might have implied criticism of the creation of the state of Israel which was not his intention. BBC Radio London apologises if any listener was offended.”



14 comments on “Another BBC Radio London phone-in programme forces apology

  1. I don’t think the word “implied” means what the BBC thinks it means. Can the word “arguably” really carry the heavy load the BBC hopes for?

  2. I think Chris Rogers has a point – any country which, 68 years after its inception and with no radical changes in regime, still requires twice the military aid of Egypt might (arguably) be called a “failed state” – wouldn’t you agree?

    • Do you think that Israel would require such military might if the countries surrounding it weren’t hell-bent on wiping it off the face of the map and they have boasted they intend to do?

    • Stop funding Israel’s enemies and you don’t need to give Israel “military aid”. Also don’t expect Israel to then waste money on stuff like Iron Dome and smart bombs. It will be strictly gloves off, Russian style.

    • Oh! Richard how mean spirited you are! Israel more than makes up fromny LOAN it receives, like any other Democracy. Believe me, you will need

    • Oh, Richard Harris, how small-minded and mean spirited! You are. Israel, not bad for NEARLY 68 years! Has more than made up for it’s LOANS.. Not AID! Richard, at sometime in your life you will need and use an Israeli invention to enhance, or save your life. Just like I’m replying to your bias opinion, on an Israeli invention. Not worth more than Egyptian military aid??

  3. Sorry,ten past one in the morning, after a heavy night! ..Israel more than makes up for any LOAN, Richard. Not aid!! It barrow’s money like any other Democracy. Be grateful Richard Harris, at sometime in your life, you will need and use an Israeli invention, medically. Just as I’m using an Israeli invention, to answer your bias opinion.

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