BBC’s ‘Newsbeat’ discovers terrorists in Israel

h/t JS

BBC Radio 1’s ‘Newsbeat’ recently produced an article about the change to British Summer Time titled “The time when the clocks changed by more than an hour“. At the end of that report we find unusual use of the term ‘terrorists’ in connection with Israel – albeit well over a decade and a half ago – as well as mention of a country the BBC style guide correctly says does not exist.

“So, in day-to-day coverage of the Middle East you should not affix the name ‘Palestine’ to Gaza or the West Bank – rather, it is still an aspiration or an historical entity.”

Newsbeat clocks art

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  1. Obviously the BBC has since recruited a new News Policy Editor, probably with a first-name like Mohamed, who has decreed that Palestine does now exist in BBC-speak and that the words “terror” or “terrorist” do not further the cause of its long-term aim to eliminate the state of Israel.

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