A story BBC audiences are not told

h/t SF

As regular readers will be aware, promotion of the ‘apartheid’ trope is not infrequently seen in BBC content relating to Israel.

Much less frequently seen in the corporation’s content is reporting on the realities of daily Israeli life and the cooperation between Israel and the Palestinians, with one example of such cooperation being the treatment provided to patients from the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian Authority controlled areas by Israel’s medical sector.

The film below was made in Haifa’s Rambam hospital but it is also representative of other Israeli medical institutions.

A media organisation truly committed to enhancing its “audiences’ awareness and understanding of international issues” would of course tell those stories too. 

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  1. bbc and all european medias are controled by leftwing people it’s great time national parties control european States and medias.I am glad Austria has started bringing to power nationalists and would like to poi,nt out it’s not nationalism which is responsible for the 20th C.’s wars as socialists claim with their lies but socialism. Hitler was a socialist first, stalin was a socialist,the french defeat was brought about by socialists included pacifist Blum. Socialism is the enemy not the rightwing.

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