BBC Asia amplifies ludicrous conspiracy theory to millions

“BBC News aspires to remain the standard-setter for international journalism…”  

“… the BBC continues to be seen as the most trusted and objective international news provider.”

“The BBC operates the widest-reaching international newsgathering network of any broadcaster.”

“The BBC will continue to serve key less-developed markets in Africa and Asia, such as Nigeria and Bangladesh, as well as a number of information-poor language markets with a clear need for independent information.” 

“The BBC’s journalism for international audiences should share the same values as its journalism for UK audiences: accuracy, impartiality and independence. International audiences should value BBC news and current affairs for providing reliable and unbiased information of relevance, range and depth.” (source: “Public purposes: Global outlook“)

What happens when the media organisation with the biggest global outreach – one that supposedly provides trustworthy information to parts of the world where that is in short supply – decides that the amplification of ludicrous conspiracy theories to millions of consumers falls within its ‘standards’? This:

Balgladesh tweet BBC Asia

Bangladesh art

That headline appeared on the BBC News website’s Asia and Middle East pages on June 6th 2016. The only question is why the people responsible thought that its publication contributes in any way to fulfilling the obligations as laid out in the BBC’s public purpose remit.


5 comments on “BBC Asia amplifies ludicrous conspiracy theory to millions

  1. Yes, and what about the BBC’s conspiracy of silence? I have already alluded in my comments to its silence about Venezuela in the domestic news. What about Israel as a travel destination? Travel agents from all over the world are currently meeting in Israel, but has the BBC’s Travel Show ever mentioned Israel, a prime holiday destination, and the only one that is safe in the Middle East?

  2. “… the BBC continues to be seen as the most trusted and objective international news provider.”

    Yeah, right behind Pravda.

  3. Unfortunately, the BBC IS continually seen as the most trusted and objective international news provider, no matter that this is now complete fiction. I forgot to mention before that the arrest of the Arab driver for the Norwegian Embassy on charges of smuggling out archaeological artefacts has been given undue prominence by the BBC with their usual disclaimer of “Israeli tax officials claim…”. This low-level crime would not even be reported if it involved other countries and of course they gleefully claimed that the driver was arrested “crossing from the occupied West Bank into Jordan” when of course they should have said “crossing from the West Bank, formerly illegally occupied by Jordan, into Jordan”.

  4. Whether or not BBC policy makers follow “BBC Watch” bulletins every day, their is no respite from the relentless attacks against Israel – both subtle and unsubtle. The BBC is becoming the main cause for anti-Israel fervour world-wide and it is high time that the performance of their”fairness” remit is challenged by government.

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