More BBC whitewashing of the Jordanian occupation of Jerusalem

An article which appeared on the BBC News website’s Middle East page on June 6th under the headline “Jesus’s tomb in Jerusalem undergoes restoration work” concludes as follows:Holy Sepulchre restoration

“Work is expected to take between eight and 12 months and during that time pilgrims will be able to continue visiting the site, church officials said.

Each denomination is contributing funds for the $3.3m (£2.3m) project. In addition, King Abdullah of Jordan has made a personal donation.

Jordan controlled Jerusalem’s Old City, where the church is located, until the 1967 Arab-Israeli war and continues to play a role in safeguarding Muslim and Christian holy sites there.” [emphasis added]

Notably, no effort is made to clarify to readers how Jordan came to acquire ‘control’ over the Old City and they are not informed when that began or how long it lasted, meaning that uninformed audiences might well go away with the mistaken impression that Jerusalem was always in Jordanian territory until the Six Day War.  As ever, the accurate terminology for the Jordanian presence in parts of Jerusalem between 1948 and 1967 – occupation – is excluded from the BBC’s portrayal.

Despite being obliged under the terms of its remit to “[b]uild a global understanding of international issues”, the BBC continues to distort the all important historical context of the dispute over Jerusalem one throwaway line at a time.

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6 comments on “More BBC whitewashing of the Jordanian occupation of Jerusalem

  1. Is it true that “continues to play a role in safeguarding Muslim and Christian holy sites there”. I had not heard anything about this and doubt its veracity.

  2. The last time Duvidl visited the Tomb of the Holy Sepulchre, it was surrounded by rolled steel joists (RSJs) supporting it, with candles guttering on the joists. Duvidl doubts these RSJs date from 1801, when the BBC inaccurately suggests it was last repaired, since RSJs were not then invented.

    Moreover, the BBC bypasses the salient point of the story, which is surely that it has taken a personal contribution from the Muslim King Abdullah of Jordan, at last to unite these brawling Christian monks, (separated by IDF soldiers), in repairing the tomb.

    The biography King Abdullah, his late father and grandfather, and how Lieutenant-General Sir John Glubb’s British-commanded Arab legion during the 1948 Arab–Israeli War crossed the River Jordan to occupy the West Bank in May 1948 (Wikipedia) is ignored by the corrupt BBC.

    Nonsensically, the church itself remains just as famous for having a nineteenth century ladder perched on a ledge above the front door, which no Christian denomination can agree to remove, as for it Biblical associations.

    • NB. Perhaps the ultimate irony inherent in the corrupt BBC’s overweening desire to bash Israel rather than report the truth, is that some of the Jewish IDF soldiers separating the brawling Christian monks seen in the video, are black and presumably of Ethiopian Jewish origin.

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