BBC News coverage of terrorism in Israel – May 2016

The Israel Security Agency’s report on terror attacks (Hebrew) during May 2016 shows that throughout the month a total of 101 incidents took place: 67 in Judea & Samaria, 17 in Jerusalem, one inside the ‘green line’ and 16 incidents originating from the Gaza Strip.

The agency recorded 65 attacks with petrol bombs. Four shooting attack, 11 attacks using explosive devices, one vehicular attack and three stabbing attacks took place in Judea & Samaria and Jerusalem. One stabbing was recorded inside the ‘green line’. Along the border with the Gaza Strip two shooting attacks, twelve mortar attacks (in which 19 mortars were fired) and two missile attacks (in which 3 missiles were fired) took place.

No deaths occurred as a result of Palestinian terror attacks during May. Twelve people (four civilians and eight soldiers) were wounded: four civilians and one soldier in stabbing attacks, three members of the security forces in a vehicular attack, two members of the security forces by IEDs and two by petrol bombs.

The shooting and mortar attacks launched from the Gaza Strip were not reported in real-time but received a generalised and belated mention in a BBC report published three days after they began. Neither of the two incidents of missile fire from the Gaza Strip on May 6th and May 25th was reported on the BBC News website.

Among the additional incidents which received no coverage from the BBC were a stabbing attack in Jerusalem on May 2nd, a vehicular attack near Dolev on May 3rd, a stabbing attack in Jerusalem and pipe bomb attacks near Hizme on May 10th, a stabbing in Jerusalem on May 16th, a shooting attack on a bus near Tekoa on May 21st and a stabbing attack in Tel Aviv on May 30th.

In conclusion, with the exception of a vague and tardy mention of mortar and shooting attacks on the Gaza Strip border, the BBC News website did not report any of the terror attacks which took place during May. The corporation’s record of English language reporting of the missile attacks launched from the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the year remains at 0% and its record of reporting all terror attacks in the same period stands at 4.07%.

Table May 16

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4 comments on “BBC News coverage of terrorism in Israel – May 2016

  1. Who would have the stupidity to claim that a few blames from the …shitty “international community” for a few days when those arabs will be pushed by gunfire to Jordan is worse than that? Who prefers to be killed daily than hear a few leftards blahblah over Israel for a short while and then stop since the conflict will be over? I cannot understand those cowards, do they think like the celts the sky will fall on men?

  2. Since the bbc have been given a reprieve from either extermination or privatisation by the Cameron government the have resumed their usual arrogant ways. Nothing penetrates their lumpen minds because they think they are unassailable. May God help them when the truth breaks upon them because if I have anything to do with it none will be forthcoming.

  3. The corporation’s record of English language reporting of the missile attacks launched from the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the year remains at 0%…..

    BBC hacks used mention the missiles with glee because it gave them the opportunity to describe them as home-made, inaccurate and clumsy and therefore posing little or no threat to the mighty Israelis. Then when these missiles were largely superseded by sophisticated long-range ones smuggled in from Iran via Syria, the BBC became strangely silent on their qualities.

    Since the BBC can no longer portray the Gazans as lighting harmless fireworks which might, by accident rather than design, land in an orange grove in Israel and fizzle out harming nobody, it prefers to maintain its hypocritical silence.

    But of course there is another reason for the silence: the initiating of violence against Israel by the Palestinians. Even the sly propagandists who work for the BBC cannot come up with an excuse for this unprovoked violence and terror and so they remain silent about the missiles and other attacks.

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