BBC to review its complaints system again

The July 24th edition of the BBC Radio 4 programme ‘Feedback’ (available here) included an item in which presenter Roger Bolton discussed the topic of BBC impartiality with the corporation’s Director of Editorial Policy and Standards, David Jordan.BBC R4 Feedback

Towards the end of that discussion (from 11:43), the conversation turned to another subject.

RB: “David Jordan; just before you leave us can I ask you about the BBC complaints procedure because we’ve just heard that it’s being overhauled and you indeed the man who is going to overhaul it. Why?”

DJ: “I think overhaul might be over-egging the pudding but…ahm….we are having a look at our complaints system in the light of the fact that…err…under the new charter which will be introduced in the New Year, we will be regulated for the first time by OFCOM – the office of communications: an outside regulator – and they will be responsible for all the third stage appeals against our complaints that are currently handled by the BBC Trust.”

After explaining the terms first, second and third stages, Jordan went on to say:

“We’re just having a look at the first two stages in the whole process to make sure it’s as simple as possible, as transparent as possible and that we’re as accountable as possible under the new system and that’s what I’ve been asked to do.”

Whether or not members of the corporation’s funding public whom the BBC complaints procedure is supposed to serve will be consulted on the topic of the current system’s ‘simplicity’ and ‘transparency’ is unclear. At the moment, no such consultation appears on the BBC Trust’s website

5 comments on “BBC to review its complaints system again

  1. It seems that they are being pushed into this review because of the OFCOM involvement, if that is the case then it doesn’t say much for their management. Within any correctly operated/applied Quality Management System, for example the ISO system, there is an absolute requirement for regular internal audits of their client feedback for the mandatory ‘continuous improvement’ of their QMS.

  2. I don’t think he knows what the term ‘over-egging the pudding’ means. He is certainly misusing it.
    Oh, dear.
    This is the person in charge of editorial policy and standards.

  3. The BBC will put every obstacle in the way of their anti-Israel policy being broken down.
    How else can they act when the income from their arabist backers is probably keeping their World Service alive ?

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