BBC Sport reports snub to Israeli judoka – but gets his name wrong

On August 13th BBC Sport produced a report which was billed “Egyptian refuses to shake Israeli’s hand” on the BBC News website’s Middle East page.

However, those following the link to the article titled “Rio Olympics 2016: ‘Not what the Olympics are about’ – judo player refuses to shake hands” were inaccurately informed that the latest Israeli sportsperson to encounter racist snubs from fellow Olympians is called “Os Sasson”. The judoka’s first name is of course Or.

Or Sasson art Sport

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10 comments on “BBC Sport reports snub to Israeli judoka – but gets his name wrong

  1. “Or ” in Hebrew translates to “Light” in English. Don’t expect the corrupt Trotskyist BBC to come out of their Isra-hating darkness and see the light, even if Or continues to shine his light, preferably Gold-with a medal, on the Olympics. .

  2. Just like the A! They really are not interested, had It been the other way round they would have got that correct.

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  4. Look, the BBC is guilty of a great deal of anti-Israel propaganda, and of avoiding reporting when Muslims and others victimize Jews and Israelis. But in this case – credit where credit is due – the BBC obviously did report what happened, and rather than whitewashing the event, or supporting the reprehensible, unsportsmanlike conduct of the Egyptian judoka, the BBC reported what actually happened and made it clear that the behavior of the Egyptian judoka was rejected by the fans and the officials.

    Anyone can make a typo, including this web site.

    And for what it’s worth, not all of the BBC’s content channels treat Israel with equal prejudice. The BBC’s science, technology, business and sport teams seem to be relatively professional in their reporting of Israel, whereas the BBC’s politics, world affairs and other teams are frequently blatantly prejudiced against Israeli Jews.

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