BBC Earth corrects ‘border of Palestine’ inaccuracy

As was noted here a few days ago, on August 10th BBC audiences were inaccurately told that the Dead Sea lies on the border of a country called Palestine.

Following communication from BBC Watch, the article was amended and the passage which previously stated “Few are more famous than the Dead Sea, nestled on the borders of Jordan, Israel and Palestine” now reads as follows:

BBC Earth correction

We commend BBC Earth for that quick correction.

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4 comments on “BBC Earth corrects ‘border of Palestine’ inaccuracy

  1. One wonders what is the motive behind this correction. Are BBC Watch’s commenters being read and getting home – or is the BBC just setting up a precedent to show how responsible they are ? As my father used to say – “I trust them as far as I can throw a grand piano by its stool”.

  2. I think the BBC is such a labyrinthine organisation that some departments are better, fairer and more teachable than others, the news and current affairs departments being the most incorrigible and tainted with leftist/anti-Israel influences.

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