BBC Sport ‘overlooks’ BDS linked agitprop in Glasgow

Sky News’ reporter noticed them. So did journalists from the Guardian, the Telegraph, the Daily Mail, the Mirror and numerous other media organisations.  In fact, one might well have concluded that only BBC Sport failed to spot the Palestinian flags which were part of a pre-planned political provocation at the Champion’s League match between Celtic and Hapoel Be’er Sheva in Glasgow on August 17th.Celtic match

In its three separate reports on the match – here, here and here – BBC Sport apparently did not find the breach of UEFA rules by a group of Celtic fans and the potential punishment of the football club worthy of mention. The only coverage of incident came in the form of a cryptic mention on BBC Sport’s ‘Football gossip’ page on August 18th and in the BBC News website’s coverage of the Scottish papers:

“Meanwhile, the Daily Record says that Celtic face another UEFA “rap” after their fans flew Palestine flags during the Champions League clash with Israelis Hapoel Beer Sheva.”

A week before the match took place the Jerusalem Post reported that:

“Celtic fans are waiting to greet the Israeli team and its fans with Palestinian flags. A Facebook page set up in honor of the occasion has already attracted 837 “interested” Facebook users. The page, entitled “Fly the flag for Palestine, for Celtic, for Justice,” was set up by a group that goes by the name Celtic Fans for Palestine.

The group says an Israeli soccer team should not be allowed to participate in the soccer competition “due to the system of apartheid laws and practices including religious- and ethnic-based colonization, military occupation and segregation of what remains of Palestinian land and over 90 laws which discriminate against indigenous Palestinians who make up 20 percent of the population of current-day Israel.”

“When someone is representing Israeli state institutions it is sadly never merely a game; football, UEFA and Celtic FC are being used to whitewash Israel’s true nature and give this rogue state an air of normality and acceptance it should not and cannot enjoy until it’s impunity ends and it is answerable to international law and faces sanctions for the countless UN resolutions it had breached,” the Facebook page states. […]

The Celtic group affiliates itself with the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement, which it hails as “inspiring and unstoppable.”

The BBC’s funding public (and even some politicians) in Scotland might of course have an interest in being fully informed about the background to this and other fringe groups tarnishing their country’s reputation as a hospitable tourist destination year after year with agitprop based on falsehoods and propaganda. 

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10 comments on “BBC Sport ‘overlooks’ BDS linked agitprop in Glasgow

  1. Thanks so much, forgive me for being premature in my message that this had been overlooked. What I would like to know is: who supplied them with the flags? Celtic fans didn’t just go out and buy them in the Barras market. This would have been headline news everywhere if it had concerned any other country, a black African country, for instance. Remember the scandal of the football fans making monkey noises and throwing bananas on to the pitch and the anti-racism campaign in football?

    • Well said, leah27z! Celtic fans are historically illiterate. Know next to NOTHING about the genesis of Israel & its unique link to Jews, not Arabs. Disgusting how antisemitism is allowed to stain sport in the UK but hardly surprising. The Celtic fans share IDENTICAL views on Israel and the Jews to those of hate preacher Anjem Choudary who is soon to be sent to prison. Send these anti-Israelists there too.

  2. As a Celtic fan in my 40s a welcome the protest and show of solidarity with the palistinians and have no problem with us being fined Celtic was born out of oppression and we have many fans in Palestine and we always have there flag the Israelites have shown there self up to be Orc like over flags simple as that if we meet them next year we will pay the fine to there is lots of flag issues a could go on a bout but am throw with this as we should be discussing the oppression placed on palistine by the Israelites not flags and Celtic Scotland and Celtic stand with Palestine God bless them with peace !

    • Antisemitic ignorant scumbags..Sin Fein and George Galloway clones..You shame the rest of Scotland you bigoted filth

    • you have waved a flag of people who instead of taking cares of their own needy children , use their children to dig tunnels of terror ……they are begging for Money to solve Humanitarian needs and do not use it for food schooling or health they use it to build more War w3eapons against peace loving people in Israel ,,,,,Have you ever had a missile faal on your House ? do your childrenhave to run to shelters all their lives ?

  3. The wording of the comment from Bampots says it all. If Palestinians want peace, all they have to do is stop murdering Israeli civilians.

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