BBC News website continues to ignore missile attacks on Israeli communities

At around half past two on the afternoon of August 21st, terrorists based in the Gaza Strip fired a missile at the Western Negev town of Sderot.missile 21 8 police

“The rocket landed between two homes, near a college and the local train station. Locals said it was “a miracle” that nobody was injured.”

The IDF responded with strikes on Hamas infrastructure in Beit Hanoun and later carried out additional strikes.

The BBC News English language website did not provide any coverage of the missile attack against Israeli civilians.

The BBC Arabic website, however, produced two reports – here and here – about the Israeli response to the missile fire. The second report and the website’s homepage both used a photograph of a water tower allegedly damaged during the Israeli response to the missile attack.

BBC Arabic HP 2 reports response missile 21 8

BBC Arabic art 2 missile 21 8

However, as noted at the Israellycool blog, photographs showing the same damage to the same water tower were published by AFP nearly a year ago.

This latest missile attack from the Gaza Strip is the eighth such incident to have taken place in the eight months since the beginning of 2016. The BBC has not reported on any of those attacks on its English language website but has covered the Israeli response to most of them on its Arabic language site.

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January 24thBBC News ignores Gaza missile attack again – in English

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March 15thmissile attack not reported.

May 6thPatchy and selective BBC News reporting of Gaza border incidents

May 25thBBC News fails to report another Gaza missile attack to English-speakers

July 1st: Another Gaza missile attack ignored by the BBC

August 21st: missile attack not reported in English, response reported in Arabic.

The same pattern of reporting has been evident since the end of the conflict between Israel and terrorists in the Gaza Strip in 2014, meaning that English-speaking BBC audiences – including its funding public – are not receiving the services pledged to them in the corporation’s public purposes.

Update: the BBC News website has now reported this attack – see details here



9 comments on “BBC News website continues to ignore missile attacks on Israeli communities

  1. However, as noted at the Israellycool blog, photographs showing the same damage to the same water tower were published by AFP nearly a year ago.

    It’s just so horrid, horrid, the way that a plethora of ‘these people’ search out every article published about Israel and when they find some meaningless little ‘mistake’, they think that this negates the whole article.

    Israel is evil by definition. And that’s that.

    • Dear Mr Shepton

      A gathering of journos in the bars of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv have confirmed that someone mentioned to them that the Gaza water tower at Beit Hanoun has a chip missing and that Israel had punished a few chosen Hamas sites yesterday.

      Some clever bunny among them put the two together and lo and behold we have a scandalous story about Israel guaranteed to run and run. All the journos present cheered the clever bunny and sat down to write a story which they emailed off to their home offices, the month’s salary earned.

      Whether it is true or not is hardly relevant. We are talking about Israel after all.

  2. It is significant that both Felix and the BBC omit to mention the “meaningless little mistake” of Hamas’s original rocket attack on Israeli citizens, which precipitated Israel’s response Talk about evil.

    • Yes. It’s strange actually that there weren’t any pictures of ‘bloodied children’ to ‘decorate’ the BBC article. Perhaps it took too long for the photographer to get from luxurious, restful Jerusalem, to Gaza and the children had been cleaned up be then rendering then completely useless for heart-tugging editorial purposes.

  3. Is the BBC a bigot? Apparently, the BBC is very selective on what they report for the public to see! SHAME ON THEM FOR THEIR NARROW & BIASED ATTITUDE! This is coming from a Catholic girl who believes in the importance of reporting ALL the news, good, bad or indifferent!

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  5. The Israelis have been defending themselves against those who want to annihilate them since before the Exodus from Egypt. Divine intervention has continued to prevent evildoers from carrying out their plans to wipe them out, It has more to do with God’s plan of sending His Messiah to redeem both Jews and Gentiles from the bondage of sin (unbelief where the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is concerned). The title deed to the land of Israel is God-given. Read Gen. 12:1-3 and you will understand what has happened to the enemies of God’s chosen people. Read Genesis 15:18-21 or Numbers 34:1-12 and you will read the description of the territory God gave to the Hebrews. The territory they inhabit today is just a fraction of the land God promised them.

    Because they are God’s covenant people, He will continue to prevent the anti-Semites from wiping them out. In 1948, the United Nations gave both the Israelis and the Palestinians the right to have their own homeland. Rather than tolerate the Jewish nation, the Arab world united and attempted to destroy the fledgling nation of Israel. Rather than support the Palestinians, they used them by keeping them stateless so they could show the world how evil Israel was to them. But is was not Israel that has been evil. they would have welcomed the two State solution if it would have avoided a costly war for independence. They were not given that opportunity.

    Today, the Arab Israelis are glad to live in Israel,. They vote, are represented and no one wants to and join their fellow Arabs in Gaza. Demonizing Israel is an old tactic. The enemies of God hate everyone that God loves. God loves his people Israel, and God loves the church (Jews and Gentiles who have become one in Messiah).

    All prejudice is evil, including antisemitism,

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