BBC’s favourite ‘icon of terrorism’ continues to advocate terror

We have previously noted on these pages the BBC’s periodic promotion of PFLP terrorist Leila Khaled as an ‘icon’.R4 Women of Terror

“Leila Khaled was probably the most famous female hijacker in the world in the late 1960s – beautiful, dangerous and politically committed to doing whatever might further the Palestinian cause.

She featured in an iconic photo – sultry-eyed, a Kalashnikov at her side, headscarf carefully draped over her head.” (BBC News website, July 28, 2015)

“In the space of a few weeks, a fascinated news media had cemented her position as an icon of terrorism” (BBC Radio 4, October 21, 2013)

The video below – translated by MEMRI – shows Khaled speaking at an event in Germany earlier this year. In addition to glorifying terrorism, she (not for the first time) rejects negotiations with Israel in favour of violence, stating:

“…negotiations will be held only with knives and weapons.”

One of course wonders if the BBC has ever asked itself whether its repeated romanticisation of a person who openly advocates violence and terrorism meets the expectations of its funding public.

6 comments on “BBC’s favourite ‘icon of terrorism’ continues to advocate terror

  1. Well, we have another advocate of terrorism in the form of John Mcdonnell, shadow chancellor of the exchequer. So terrorism is very fashionable, especially in the BBC.

  2. Glorification of terrorism? Isn’t that what Anjem Choudary was jailed for? I would love to see some of these BBC advocates of terrorism behind bars, starting with Jeremy Bowen.

  3. Ah, the power of the “looksist” society again. That posed photograph by Eddie Adams from the 1960s of Leila as a girl terrorist in a kaffiyah with an AK47 assault rifle attracts some men and is still preoccupying the corrupt BBC.

    Duvidl understands from Wikipedia that she was actually more fond of hand grenades as weapons than the AK47. And, like some non-terrorist women, she spent large amounts of (ill-gotten terrorist) funds on a series of cosmetic nose jobs. Clearly these did not succeed. Just look at her horrific countenance now!

    • NB. Having to gaze on Leila’s current ghastly bloated visage, Duvidl is also forced to reflect on the disgusting subject of terrorists grown fat on the proceeds of their atrocities.

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