BBC News ignores Hamas’ announcement of new office space

At the end of last month the Times of Israel reported that Hamas has some new office space.

“Hamas recently opened up official offices in the Tunisian capital, Tunis, a senior leader from the terror group revealed on Sunday.

Moussa Abu Marzouk told the Tunisian news channel el-Bilad that Hamas has “new-old” offices in Tunis, publicly acknowledging the headquarters for the first time.

The Hamas leader said the offices were opened with the blessing of the Tunisian authorities. He did not specify when the offices were opened.”Tunisia Jews 2

BBC audience members who recall the 2013 article by BBC Arabic’s Ahmed Maher in which they were told that everything is rosy for Tunisian Jews post ‘Arab Spring’ might perhaps be astonished to hear that the Tunisian authorities have apparently agreed to host an antisemitic terrorist organisation. Those who remember Magdi Abdelhadi’s report from Tunisia just months beforehand would probably be less surprised.

The BBC has however relieved audiences of that potential dissonance by simply ignoring the story of the Islamist terror group’s new offices in the country it has described as having had “the most successful” ‘Arab Spring’ uprising, as “keeping Arab Spring ideals alive” and as having a government “with progressive ambitions“.

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  1. When (the “so-called”) ISIS eventually attacks Israel – and Israel defends itself – it will be interesting to see which side the BBC is on. With its institutionalised anti-Semitism, it will probably favour ISIS – showing itself to be traitors to the UK and will hopefully be closed down.

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