Thumbs up for BBC News’ Temple Mount archaeology report

On September 6th the BBC News website published its own version of a story currently making headlines in Israel under the title “Jerusalem Biblical Temple floor designs ‘restored’“.temple-mount-flooring-story

Given the BBC’s record of inaccurate reporting on Temple  Mount, it was encouraging to see that this article avoided many of the issues seen in the past.

Earlier this year we documented changes in the terminology used by the BBC to describe the site and the replacement of the title Haram al Sharif with the politicised term ‘Al Aqsa Mosque compound’. This latest report adhered to the guidelines set out in the BBC Academy’s ‘style guide’.

“Archaeologists in Jerusalem say they have for the first time reconstructed likely designs of a Biblical Jewish temple floor using original fragments.

Experts reassembled pieces of tiles found amid tons of earth from the site known to Jews as the Temple Mount and to Muslims as Haram al-Sharif.”

In the past we have also seen BBC reports in which audiences were inaccurately led to believe that the Western Wall is Judaism’s holiest site. This article gave readers an accurate representation of the significance of the site to Jews and Muslims.  

“The plateau where the temples stood is the most sacred site in Judaism. It is joined by the Western Wall, venerated by Jews as part of the original supporting wall of the temple compound.

Haram al-Sharif (Noble Sanctuary) is also the place where the Koran says the Prophet Muhammad ascended to Heaven, and is the third holiest site in Islam.”

The article even provided a reasonable – and rare – account of why the Temple Mount Sifting Project came into being.

“The Temple Mount Sifting Project was established by Israeli archaeologists in 2004 to examine debris dumped by Islamic authorities following expansion work at an underground mosque on the compound.”

One can but hope that the standard of accurate reporting seen in this report concerning archaeology will also find its way into BBC News’ reporting on political stories concerning Temple Mount.

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9 comments on “Thumbs up for BBC News’ Temple Mount archaeology report

  1. It is indeed heartening to see that the BBC narrative is not being dictated by Hamas, at least in this case. There are even Israeli archaeologists who believe that the Romans sliced off the top of the mount on which the Temple stood so that nothing is left, not even tiny shards, so it is great to see that this is not the case. Could it be that the BBC, fearful of having the complaints procedure removed from its greedy grasp, has decided to adopt a more even-handed approach to the Israel issue in advance of Ofcom taking over?

  2. Now is the time, surely, to make clear to all those corrupt Isra-hating beeboids, Jew-hating Arabs, Christians and others worldwide that Jerusalem is the historical evidential and eternal capital of the Jewish people.

    Although no further evidence of Solomon’s Biblical Temple as verified Jewish history than this is needed, Jew-hating deniers can also gaze in awe on the stupendous Temple hoard of gold Jewish artefacts unearthed there in 2013 by Dr. Eilat Mazar. This includes a 3,000 ear-old jug inscribed in the earliest Hebrew, 36 gold coins and a Jewish Menorah medallion. See below:

    • N.B. Here is a quote from the incomparable Khaled Abu Toameh’s recent Gatestone Institute article “Palestinians: “Women are Witches””, showing the startlingly medieval extent of Palestinian Authority-endorsed anti-semitic denial that Jerusalem is the historical and eternal capital of the Jewish people.

      “…A map in one of the (Palestinian Authority) textbooks refers to the West Bank city of Ramallah as the “center of Palestine,” while Jerusalem is referred to as a city that is located south of Ramallah.

      Critics argue that this terminology turns Ramallah, the headquarters of the Palestinian Authority leadership and government, into the de facto capital of the Palestinians. This, they add, undermines the Palestinian claim to Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian state. “Why has Jerusalem been marginalized in the new textbooks?” critics asked. “This is indeed disgraceful!”

      Another error in the textbooks relocates the interior West Bank city of Bethlehem to the coast of the Gaza Strip. “Bethlehem now has its own beach,” was one of many sarcastic remarks made by furious Palestinians who took to social media to condemn the new curriculum….”

      See the whole article below:

  3. I was just about to send you a note about this report. As you say, it was surprisingly well written! Kudos to the BBC for getting things right; it’s a nice change.

  4. Anything that the Jew-haters at the BBC do is for a reason. In this case, the agenda obviously is to put in an occasional harmless truthful report – that can be quoted later as evidence of their impartiality.

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