BBC headlines for same story differ according to target audiences

While failing to accurately describe it as terrorism, the BBC News website’s English language report on the attack in Jerusalem on October 9th did make it clear to audiences that the perpetrator was a “Palestinian gunman” in both the headline and the opening paragraph.


In contrast, the headline selected for the BBC’s Arabic language report on the same incident failed to provide visitors to the BBC Arabic website with any information concerning the identity of the attacker. 

The headline reads “Two Israelis killed and 6 wounded in shooting in Jerusalem”. The report’s opening paragraph reads:

“The Israeli police said that two Israelis were killed and six others injured as a result of shooting near the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood in East Jerusalem.”


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4 comments on “BBC headlines for same story differ according to target audiences

  1. When such an atrocity occurs and the BBC cannot dream up an anti-Israel stance, it simply omits the known facts about the attacker so as to confuse its audience. Israel should issue an ultimatum to the BBC “Report fairly – or your so-called journalists will be expelled”.

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