Happy Simchat Torah

Wishing all our readers celebrating Simchat Torah a very happy holiday.


For more on the ancient Synagogue at Beit Alpha see here and here

One comment on “Happy Simchat Torah

  1. Chag Sameach

    Meanwhile, here is a fascinating article suggesting the BBC may become the victim of its own success, speeding its own demise by nurturing, with BBC iplayer, a young generation who will refuse to pay for TV.


    The article explains the BBC could expire because Netflix and Amazon have bigger budgets to pay for online British costume drama. Duvidl would then be able to enjoy the supreme irony that the cause of death was neither the broadcasting behemoth’s corruption, its Ira-hate bigotry nor its hosting of child rapist Sir Jimmy Savile for 50 years, but the refusal of the young to pay for a TV set or a £145.50 annual BBC licence fee.

    Duvidl is already seeing television aversion materialising in his own family where even toddlers prefer to watch video on a tablet rather than TV. Haste the day when they turn to the Times of Israel news feed for all news instead of the goggle box.

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