BBC Education ignores assault on free speech at UCL

As readers may be aware, a talk by an Israeli speaker at University College London (UCL) on October 27th, which was organised by CAMERA on Campus together with student groups from that university and King’s College London (KCL), was disrupted by anti-Israel activists. Members of the audience were intimidated and harassed and eventually had to be evacuated by the police.

“Police had to accompany Jewish students from a lecture hall at a London university after they were trapped by anti-Israel protesters. […]

Officers entered the room and carried out an evacuation of members of UCL’s Friends of Israel group amid chaotic scenes.

Demonstrators had entered the room to fly Palestinian flags and chant. The event was being live-streamed online and the disruption was clear on the video footage, with protesters banging on windows and screaming “Palestine! Palestine!”.”

A first-hand account of the incident can be found here. This latest pre-planned disruption aimed at closing down free speech for an Israeli speaker at a British university has been condemned by the Board of Deputies of British Jews and additional Jewish groups as well as by Sir Eric Pickles. The university has announced that it will carry out an inquiry into the

The incident of course received wide media coverage, including from many of the UK’s prominent outlets such as the Times, the Telegraph, the Daily Mail, the Independent, the Express, the Evening Standard and LBC.

However, members of the BBC’s funding public looking for that story on the corporation’s website – including the regional and ‘Education‘ pages – over the last four days would not have come across any coverage of the incident whatsoever.

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4 comments on “BBC Education ignores assault on free speech at UCL

  1. As someone who holds
    Events including BBC watch with Sharon Klaff last year one of our event venues were publicised until
    24hrs before to ticket holders

    We always call police and today they said that the UCL organisers changed their venue 3 times due to BDS and it was a public open event .
    Just the
    Right atmosphere to get a well planned PSC BDS UCL Palestinian society demonstration going

    Police have always advised never to openly advertise venue ahead of time

    Jews and Israelis cannot speak freely anywhere unless security measures in place and no venue released until 24hrs before
    Safer first publicity second !

  2. And the BBC would never report an event that shows how disgusting are the tactics are of the anti-Israel brigade – doing so might demonstrate what type of people Israel is up against.

  3. I have to say anyone with an iota of intelligence can surely see the fascists taking over the universities. The BDS and all affiliated movements are fascist end of. In fact in my humble opinion one sees an ugly medusa’s head of fascist, nazi, klu kluxers, mobsters and racist anti-Semites coming together whilst openly and unashamedly seeking to make the only democracy in the middle east judenrein. History will judge the BBC and those who could have stood up for truth and morality. By their silence, by their promotion of myths, lies and propaganda they will have taken the road to moral perdition.

  4. And of course the war rages in Syria, Christians are persecuted, freedom of religion is denied to so may in the Middle East, North Africa etc, we do not need another Islamic state for more oppression, intolerance, civil war etc etc. And journos and editors at al beeb should take the time to read Joan Peter’s from Time Immemorial to avail themselves of the fact that over eight hundred thousand Jewish refugees from North Africa, Egypt, etc were accepted and welcomed by israel whilst the three hundred thousand Arabs were not integrated or given citizenship by the Arab nations, instead their descendants have been kept as political pawns. And why when the Arabs have over 99 per cent of the land and umpteen Islamic states is it beyond the pale for just one tiny little Jewish state? ….

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