One to listen out for on BBC Radio 4

The webpage for the BBC Radio 4 programme ‘Beyond Belief’ includes a section relating to upcoming broadcasts which at the moment shows the next two scheduled episodes.


Promotion of the programme to be aired at 16:30 UK time this coming Monday, November 28th, does not currently provide any details of the topic to be discussed, instead giving the general description “Discussion programme in which guests from different faith and non-faith perspectives debate the challenges of today’s world”.

That programme will apparently include a discussion on the topic of Zionism and anti-Zionism. The invited guests apparently include Dr Yaakov Wise, journalist Jessica Elgot and Robert Cohen who describes himself as follows:

“Robert Cohen lives in North Yorkshire in Britain and began writing on Israel-Palestine in 2011. His work has been regulary [sic] published at Mondoweiss, Tikkun Daily and Jews for Justice for Palestinians. Writing from the Edge broadens Robert’s remit to wider issues of Jewish interest from a British perspective.  Expect some radically dissseting [sic] views on Isreal [sic], commentary on Jewish-Christian interfaith issues and life as the Jewish husband of a Church of England vicar.”


Post Zionist Jew? Well, I do think as a response to 2,000 years of European oppression of Jews, Zionism has proved itself to be, at the very least, disappointing. It’s created more problems than the one it set out to resolve. For the future of Jews and Judaism we could with a new big idea.

Luckily, I’ve got one. And it turns out to be a very old idea.

Anti-Zionist Jew? Yes, certainly. When Zionism becomes an ideology that’s used to justify atrocities against another people, then I’m anti-Zionist.”


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  1. Well that certainly is “Beyond Belief”! Can you imagine this type of narrative being applied to any other group of people except the Jews? As for “atrocities” where are the atrocities? Israel has been besieged and invaded throughout its existence, and the threat comes not just from the West Bank and Gaza but from all over the Arab world and even beyond, from Muslim countries such as Pakistan and from people in the UK who have swallowed the anti-Zionist lies. In the last category, I include Mr. Cohen who sadly is one of many.

  2. The BBC must have dug deep to find these anti-Semitic wierdos – instead of engaging normal Jewish people – like Josephone and me – to present the benign truth of Israel as it really is.

    • Damn well insist! I’d be 100% behind British Jews been heard on the BBC about the very positive things, about Israel. I’ll be with you…and I’m not Jewish.

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