Geographical inaccuracy in BBC’s ‘Planet Earth II’

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The BBC is of course deservedly renowned worldwide for its consistently high quality nature programmes and the new series ‘Planet Earth II’ currently being shown on BBC One has been highly acclaimed.planet-earth-mountains

The episode titled ‘Mountains’ included footage showing baby Nubian Ibex in the Ramon Crater in southern Israel which seemed to capture the imagination of many viewers in the UK.

However, in some of the programme’s accompanying material promoted by the BBC, the location in which that footage was shot was inaccurately described as being in the ‘Arabian Peninsula’.



That geographical inaccuracy then received further promotion – for example in the Sun:

“When a red fox started to hunt baby Nubian Ibexes on the edge of a mountain in the Arabian Peninsula, viewers of Planet Earth Two knew which team they were cheering.”

The Arabian Peninsula of course comprises the states of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates – but not Israel. 


5 comments on “Geographical inaccuracy in BBC’s ‘Planet Earth II’

  1. Absolutely no surprise here, then. The BBC employs the most stupid people as their “journalists” in Israel – the qualifications being that they must be anti-Semitic. People like that are brain-washed and have no sense nor knowledge.

    • I suppose we should be grateful that it wasn’t listed as “occupied Palestine”.
      They are still Jew-hating scum.

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