BBC reporting on the use of ambulances by terrorists in Iraq and Gaza

On November 6th an article appeared on the BBC News website’s Middle East page under the title “Iraq suicide attacks: Ambulances used in Tikrit and Samarra“.ambulances-iraq-art

“Suicide bombers have used explosives-laden ambulances to kill at least 21 people and wound many others in the Iraqi cities of Tikrit and Samarra.

The so-called Islamic State (IS) group said it had carried out both attacks. […]

The deadliest of Sunday’s blasts happened in Tikrit, some 200km (123 miles) south of Mosul.

A suicide bomber drove a booby-trapped ambulance into a line of vehicles queuing at a checkpoint at the southern entrance to the city, once the hometown of executed former leader Saddam Hussein. […]

In Samarra, further south, another ambulance was detonated in a car park for the al-Askari mosque – one of the holiest shrines in Shia Islam. Iranian pilgrims were among the dead.”

During the 2014 conflict between Israel and terrorist organisations based in the Gaza Strip, Hamas’ use of ambulances to transport armed terror operatives (a practice also seen in previous conflicts in Gaza and during the second Intifada) was documented on several occasions.

While the BBC refrained from informing its audiences of those cases (and others) of abuse of medical facilities, it did find it appropriate to repeatedly amplify falsehoods from a political NGO involved at the time in the ‘lawfare’ campaign against Israel and from a representative of one of the organisations operating ambulances in the Gaza Strip – the PRCS – see for example here, here and here.

“On Thursday, the human rights group Amnesty International called for an investigation into what it said was mounting evidence that Israeli forces had deliberately attacked hospitals and health professionals in Gaza. The attacks have left at least six medics dead.

“Our ambulances are often targeted although they are clearly marked and display all signs that they are ambulances,” said Dr Bashar Murad, director of Palestinian Red Crescent Society’s (PRCS) emergency and ambulance unit, which lost at least two members of staff.

“The army should be able to distinguish from the air that what they are targeting are ambulances.”

Amnesty International said attacks on health facilities and professionals were prohibited by international law and amounted to war crimes.”

The abuse of medical facilities protected by international conventions during conflict is obviously an issue of interest to international journalists. However, as we see from the examples above, the BBC’s reporting of such abuses lacks consistency.

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  1. The BBC and others, such as Sir Geoffrey Nice, who has become a Hamas propagandist since he was invited to visit Gaza, accuse Israel of bombing the Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza when the IDF denies it and there is plenty of proof from eye witnesses that the damage to the hospital was caused by an “own goal”, a Hamas rocket that fell well short of its target. Israel never consciously attacks medical facilities. Amnesty International is one of the many NGOs that have been totally corrupted by inflitrators working to their own agenda, such as the notoriously antisemitic Ben White. Most NGOs are totally discredited since they have been infiltrated by people with their own hate agendas.

    • Sir Geoffrey Nice; Duvidl thought you were joking. Talk about blowing his own trumpet. Duvidl is prompted to verse:

      Hamas wants to be nasty
      So calls Sir Geoffrey nice.
      Another Isra-hater.
      Does he know Susan Rice?

  2. Second verse:

    Perhaps they met at Oxford,
    In Keble’s bar a’ boozin’
    A Nice Brit taste of moonshine,
    He gave Benghazi Susan.

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