BBC’s Gaza casualty figures source continues lawfare campaign

Last week the Israeli journalist Ben Dror Yemini published an article concerning another chapter in the anti-Israel lawfare campaign.stats

“The European Council, a body that is made up of all European countries and is wider than the European Union, has adopted a report written by Eva-Lena Jansson, a representative of Sweden’s Social Democratic Party, which accuses Israel of engaging in “an appalling pattern of apparently systematic unlawful killings” of innocent civilians.

The report is based on the Al-Mezan NGO, which is supported by Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands. The NGO itself supports the BDS Movement and is part of the campaign that is based on denying Israel’s right to exist.

As always, European countries are funding bodies that issue reports, allegedly about “human rights,” while in fact waging a campaign against Israel’s actual existence.”

As readers may recall, during the summer 2014 conflict between Israel and terrorist organisations based in the Gaza Strip, the BBC quoted and promoted casualty figures based on information sourced, among others, from the NGO Al Mezan.

Two and a half years on, the BBC has still not provided its funding public with a satisfactory explanation as to why it uncritically amplified data – which had not been independently verified – that was sourced from organisations that make no secret of the fact that they are involved in a political campaign of lawfare against Israel or why it later rejected complaints which challenged the BBC’s use of patently partisan information from those sources.

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6 comments on “BBC’s Gaza casualty figures source continues lawfare campaign

  1. The BBC must love Al Mezan or any other anti-Israel organisation from which they can harvest more lies and propaganda to re-hash as unbiased news.

  2. Ben Dror’s article is very poorly written, sounds more like an argument in a pub than a clearly reasoned explanation (expressions such as “Excuse me?” have no place in a newspaper argument). The fact is that no European Council, Hamas or anyone else can deny is that Gaza is AUTONOMOUS. Gaza is ruled exclusively by Hamas and Israel has no say in the day-to-day running of Gaza. A second fact is that charity money and donations pour into Gaza on a daily basis and the rulers of Gaza have built themselves luxury villas and live high on the hog. No photographs of the swanky shopping centres and high-rise buildings are ever shown on websites but they are there. Years after Operation Protective Edge there has been no rebuilding because Hamas not only uses the massive funds at its disposal to create a sophisticated infrastructure with the aim of destroying Israel, it DELIBERATELY leaves the rest of the country in ruins so as to be able to show the ruins to visiting bigots, journalists and suckers and possible extort more money from often well-meaning individuals.

  3. Two years ago there were 18 millionaires in Gaza reported. Maybe they can let us know what makes them richer and provides material for creative lies to evoke tears from the Swedes.

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