BBC News continues to ignore Gaza missile attacks – in English

On the morning of February 6th sirens sent residents of the Hof Ashkelon district in the western Negev running for cover as a missile fired from the Gaza Strip hit Israeli territory south of Ashkelon.

Israel responded with strikes on Hamas installations in the Gaza Strip and the missile fire was later claimed by a Salafist group. Later in the day shots were fired at Israeli troops working on the fence in another area along the border with the Gaza

While the BBC did not produce any coverage of that missile fire in the English language, the BBC Arabic website did publish an article reporting the Israeli response.

Throughout the whole of 2016, only one of the ten barrages of missile attacks from the Gaza Strip which took place received (belated) English language coverage, while reporting in Arabic on Israeli responses to those attacks was seen in the majority of cases.

The pattern of reporting whereby missile attacks from the Gaza Strip are not covered in the English language but Israel’s response to those attacks is reported in Arabic has been predominant since the end of the summer 2014 conflict and – as we now see – continues into 2017.

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  1. Yesterday and in the early hours of this morning the LEAD story on BBC World Service News was that the Knesset had retroactively approved the building of 400 homes on “privately owned Palestinian land”. In one version they also broadcast a clip of Herzog objecting to the measure. Nothing on the pro side, and this story was the LEAD story, taking precedence over the Amnesty International allegation that thousands of prisoners have been summarily executed in Syria by the Asad regime! As far as I am aware, not even the most anti-Israel British newspapers led with this story today in fact in most papers it was nowhere to be found.

  2. Few ever note that most Israelis are “refugees” from Muslim countries and having lost their lands and homes, these must be provided as they wait for the Arabs to make up their minds which may be forever and the land stolen is four times the size of Israel!

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