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As regular readers are aware, members of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign sometimes appear in BBC content (most recently on BBC One just a couple of weeks ago) and in 2014 the PSC was the foreign NGO that received the most promotion in BBC Israel-related content – in part because of the BBC’s generous but selective coverage of anti-Israel demonstrations organised by the PSC that summer.

David Collier recently published a long report documenting antisemitism promoted by Palestine Solidarity Campaign activists. As Collier notes in his summary:Weekend Read

“When I refer to antisemitism within this study, I avoided all references to the conflict. We all know the trick is to deflect accusations of antisemitism with a false cry about criticism of Israeli policy. I set out to avoid this. I was only interested in those pushing conspiracy theory, holocaust denial or classic antisemitic tropes. The argument that antisemitism is about legitimate criticism of Israel simply has no weight against this research. The bar for antisemitism that was used is unnaturally high.  As an example, if the worst I found was an activist suggesting Israel should be destroyed, is committing genocide and Zionists are all Nazis, that activist would not have made the grade for this research. Let that fact sink in.

The ‘antisemitism’ referred to here is ONLY ‘hard core’ antisemitism. Examples include: USA controlled by Zionists; Jews responsible for 9/11; the Paris Bataclan massacre was a ‘false flag’ to increase support for Israel; Ashkenazi Jews are fake; Zionist Jews support ISIS; Jewish Zionists stir up fake antisemitism; many varieties of Holocaust Denial; Israel harvests organs from the dead; Israel harvests organs from the living; Mossad wanted to assassinate Obama; the BBC is ‘the Zionist Broadcasting Corporation’,  ‘Zionist tentacles’ controlling Parliament; Mossad did 7/7/2005 in London; Kristallnacht instigated by Communist and Freemason Jews to promote War against Germany; Babylonian Talmud advocates sex with child age three; Goyim bloodshed ritual by the Talmudic worshipers [sic] of Moloch, the children holocaust bloodthirsty monster…..”

The full report on a British organisation frequently quoted, promoted and mainstreamed by the BBC can be read here.

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  1. Thank you for this. I do visit this site, but it is extremely rare for me to comment here. However, I just wanted to share this.

    I read your quoted extract of Mr Collier’s list of ‘hard core’ antisemitic tropes or beliefs expecting to be angered or saddened by them. In fact, it was with a growing sense of bafflement that I went through it, and by the end, an unseemly desire to laugh out loud at the sheer risibility of it all. And then I thought a (very) little and understood that these are not actually just harmless, eccentric fantasies, but beliefs that are real enough (some of them) to get people out on streets, shouting and much worse, in pursuit of an unfortunately identifiable group that they label as the source of evils in the world.

    And then I thought again, a little, and it occurred to me that it is more effective to force the rival lunacies to jostle one another on the page like that, to force those devils to fight among themselves in public, a kind of monstrous mud-wrestling. Perhaps being ridiculed is in the end more powerful than being engaged in futile exercises of fighting irrationality with rationality.

    I will make time to read at least some of the original work.

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