The BBC and Israeli science

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On the Jewish festival of Purim, we wear masks as a disguise. It reflects the Purim story in which the true nature of the events leading up to Jewish redemption from the threat of annihilation is disguised as a series of apparent coincidences. In today’s upside-down world, the positive activities of the State of Israel are mostly covered up by the International media. Using some recent examples, I’ll now remove the mask to reveal Israel’s true identity.

Israeli scientists have been responsible for many breakthroughs in cancer treatments. But you wouldn’t know this if your only news source was the British Broadcasting Corporation. 

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One comment on “The BBC and Israeli science

  1. They must ‘learn’ this from the UK Guardian. The Guardian has many as-a-Jews in Israel out sniffing Israeli pavements trying to find some uncollected dog poo. These same as-a-Jews seem to be attended by another set of as-a-Jews who do the same for the BBC. Israel’s perceived sins are never missed. Israels technological achievements are seldom noticed either by the BBC or The Guardian.

    But a Saudi project to use some extract from camel urine against certain cancers, was reported years and years ago. I have no idea if the Saudis have found anything other than a bad smell.

    In Morocco, there was a lot of research done into developing new forms of face cosmetics specifically designed to help women be presentable after domestic abuse.,

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