BBC’s ME editor suggests Syria chemical attack related to Israel

The day after the chemical weapons attack in Syria that shocked the world, the man charged with making news from the Middle East “more comprehensive or comprehensible for the audience” took to Twitter to promote his own conjectures concerning the incident in Khan Sheikhoun.

Yes, the BBC’s Middle East Editor really is promoting the “theory” that the Assad regime slaughtered children in Idlib province because Israel has allegedly carried out strikes in Syria against Iranian/Syrian weapons shipments to the Hizballah terror organisation.

It is worth remembering that the man publicly promoting that bizarre ‘rationale’ is the gatekeeper of all ‘accurate and impartial’ BBC reporting concerning the war in Syria – as well as coverage of Israel.

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8 comments on “BBC’s ME editor suggests Syria chemical attack related to Israel

  1. Mr Jeremy Bowen is paid to defame Israel’s good name in any manner he chooses.
    and the BBC is delighted to broadcast his rubbish to support their antiSemitic narrative.

  2. Jeremy Bowen has been in bed with Asad for months, it is curious to see what happens now that his paymasters at the BBC have been put in the awkward position of having to tell his sponsor, Asad, that they do not approve of his actions. Surely if anything were worthy of a complaint to the BBC, via OFCOM, to see if they measure up, it is now.

  3. Well, if it’s a “theory” as he writes, then he should be presenting the evidence in support of it. Otherwise, it is nothing more than his personal speculation.
    I really doubt whether Assad – who (as do all Arab leaders) knows that if he leaves Israel alone he has nothing to fear from it – is as obsessed about Israel as the Jeremy Bowens of the world. For Assad, Israel is a political calculation used at appropriate moments to distract his opponents and help secure his power, for Bowen it seems to be a fundamental pillar in his mental and emotional universe which is why Israel pops up in the most bizarre circumstances. Bowen could use Occam’s Razor, as well as some professional help.

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  5. Its really simple, we all know this long established irrefutable truth: Israel is responsible for the worlds woes, the killing of gentile children, earthquakes, hurricanes, taxes, the fact that the sun rises in the East… why even bother to publish the obvious?

  6. I congratulate BBC for reporting some news despite the normal mainstream propaganda. why did Hillary ask for a retaliation only hours before trump’s missles? Strange timing from the quiet person sinc e Nov 8. .all seems to be going to wesley clark’s leaked plan. syria , yemen and iran, It seems Iran will not go down without a fight . neither will Russia, so ww3 starts and nuclear wars alight. Nuclear fallout won’t care about borderlines of Israel Gaza etc… Death takes all. Let us be more objective and rational please. I back this lone ME editor and wish for more evidence. thanks BBC i have nearly lost all hope in you…

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