Have your say on the BBC complaints system

Earlier this year we noted the apparent intention of the new BBC Board to hold a public consultation concerning the corporation’s complaints system.

That public consultation is now underway and members of the public can make submissions until August 16th.

“The BBC aims to resolve complaints fairly, quickly and satisfactorily. We are required by the Charter to have a complaints framework that provides “transparent, accessible, effective, timely and proportionate methods” of making sure that the BBC is meeting its obligations and fixing problems.

Since April the BBC has operated with an interim Complaints Framework, published on the BBC’s complaints website. The Framework reflects the new governance and regulatory arrangements that came into effect in April 2017. Under these arrangements, the BBC Board has oversight of the complaints process and Ofcom is the independent regulator for most types of BBC complaints.

The Framework sets out the BBC’s approach and the procedures for handling different types of complaints, from editorial to regulatory, so that everyone who wants to make a complaint – whether as an individual or on behalf of an organisation – knows what to expect.

As the Charter requires the BBC to publicly consult on the Framework before it is finalised, we have opened a consultation which will run until mid-August.”

The interim Complaints Framework is available here.

Guidance for those wishing to make a submission is available here and includes the following:

“Specifically we are seeking views on whether they [the draft framework and procedures]:

  • Seem readily available, easy to understand and accessible.
  • Make clear and give sufficient information to those who complain what they can expect from the BBC and how to appeal, including whether they are clear on timeframes.
  • Make clear the roles and responsibilities of the BBC and Ofcom and the circumstances under which complaints can be referred to Ofcom (or to other relevant bodies) by complainants.
  • Seem fair to those who might wish to make a complaint.
  • Seem proportionate, balancing the cost to licence fee payers of handling complaints with the need to give people who complain a proper hearing.”

Those wishing to make a submission should send it by email to:


or by post to:

BBC Corporate Affairs, Room 5045, BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London W1A 1AA.

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6 comments on “Have your say on the BBC complaints system

  1. I am still waiting to know why the BBC have spent over £500000 of tax payers money in legal fees to suppress the publication of the Malcolm Balen report of 2004. Only ever had one email response which literally said- “Because we can”.

  2. The BBC’s ” Complaints Framework” should have nothing to do with the BBC. All complaints about the BBC’s biased policies should be directed to an entirely separate and neutral body – and not to “lunatics running the asylum”.

  3. I should like to understand why the attacks on Israelis are not more publicised i.e. the massacre of a family in their own home. Also the killing of an eight month pregnant Israeli girl. How is it we do not hear about the every day attacks on citizens.

  4. BBC is in need of a total clean out right from the top down – totally biased, unbalanced, unfair journalism and fake news spews from them daily and is broadcast across the world at the British taxpayers expense !
    Fire them all give us back the fair and honest reporting than BBC built it’t name on so many years ago !

  5. No point in me posting a submission. The BBC World Service is off limits. Ofcom has no regulatory influence over the World Service.
    Why is that?

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