BBC News and BBC Sport ignore Judo tournament anti-Israel bigotry

A major Judo tournament organised by the International Judo Federation is taking place in Abu Dhabi between October 26th and 28th.

However – and not for the first time – members of the Israeli team taking part in that tournament have been barred from displaying the Israeli flag.

“The blue-and-white delegation to the final Grand Slam competition of the year is set to include 12 athletes, but Israel Judo Association chairman Moshe Ponte was informed by the organizers that they won’t be able to have the Israel flag on their judo uniform, as they do in every other event across the world. Instead of having ISR (Israel) by their names on the scoreboard and on their backs, they will have to take part in the contest as representatives of the IJF (International Judo Federation). The national anthem will also not be played, should an Israeli win a gold medal.”

And on the competition’s first day that is exactly what happened.

“An Israeli judoka won a gold medal on Thursday at the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam judo tournament, but had to sing his own private “Hatikvah” because the organizers refused to play the Israeli national anthem.

He also had to celebrate his victory under the International Judo Federation’s flag, because the emirate banned the display of Israeli symbols.

Tournament organizers did not play Israel’s national anthem as Tal Flicker stood on the podium after receiving his medal in the men’s under-66 kilograms (145 pounds) category.

With the medal around his neck, Flicker sang his own “Hatikvah” while the International Judo Federation’s (IJF) anthem played in the background.”

The BBC Sport website (which usually displays an interest in reporting bigotry and discrimination in sport) has no coverage of that story either on its home page or on its Judo page. The BBC News website’s Middle East page similarly did not find this story of blatant discrimination in sport newsworthy.

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8 comments on “BBC News and BBC Sport ignore Judo tournament anti-Israel bigotry

  1. Here is an English translation of the lyrics to “Hatikvah”, which Israeli Gold Medal Winner Tal Flicker sang, together with a description of its composition, the story of which beeboid Jew-hating propagandists have omitted to cover:

    “HaTikvah (“The Hope”)
    Israel’s National Anthem
    The words to Israel’s national anthem were written in 1886 by Naphtali Herz Imber, an English poet originally from Bohemia. The melody was written by Samuel Cohen, an immigrant from Moldavia. Cohen actually based the melody on a musical theme found in Bedrich Smetana’s “Moldau.”

    As long as the Jewish spirit is yearning deep in the heart,

    With eyes turned toward the East, looking toward Zion,

    Then our hope – the two-thousand-year-old hope – will not be lost:

    To be a free people in our land,

    The land of Zion and Jerusalem.”

  2. Oh, and here is Hollywood legend Barbara Streisand singing Hatikvah in Israel:

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  4. The BBC’s too busy promoting black lesbian rugby in South Africa to worry over much about the erasing of an entire country on the world stage in an international sporting tournament:

    Much as I applaud your tireless efforts to highlight anti-Israel bias and anti-semitism in the BBC I do wonder why you bother. The BBC is a laughable organ that uses licence fee payers’ money to position itself as an agent of ‘progressive’ social change. Despite the pretensions of its so-called journalists the BBC News website is a pitifully feeble arm of ‘progressive’ identity-politics, blown this way and that by the currents of today’s must-have badge of fashionable commitment and this month’s deeply held conviction. It is comic book propaganda more than a source of ‘news’ and I suspect is irrelevant to even its intended audiences. I am astonished that it continues to receive public funds when its blatant political bias is so obvious that almost everyone comments on it. I therefore wonder whether its anti-Israel bias has any effect on anyone who thinks about an issue for more than 5 seconds.

  5. @ Algernon
    You are absolutely spot on. Just one point: I am not astonieshed that the BBC continues to receive public funds. I would say: The BBC wouldn’t receive these funds if it didn’t spread “progessive” propaganda.

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