7 comments on “BBC Complaints claims anti-Israel slurs part of ‘legitimate debate’

  1. Good to know that the BBC considers “insights” that are based on demonstrable falsehoods to be simply part of the political discussion appropriate for their viewers – who are then left to tease out the lies on their own without any intervention from the presenter. Given the BBC’s poor and biased reporting on pretty much all matters pertaining to Israel, that imposes a nearly impossible task for any concerned viewer who lacks the time to go to other sources or consult reputable history books.

  2. In reading the BBC’s response to your complaint, I’ve just realised the root of the problem.

    The BBC claims that it has spoken to its presenters to “remind them of the need to ensure that any contentious remarks are challenged and questioned” . The real problem is that the BBC simply doesn’t challenge continual demonstrable falsehoods and bias because, to them, such remarks are not “contentious”. They are part of the received wisdom, and therefore obviously they couldn’t expect their presenters to challenge such obvious “facts”, could they?.

    What a bunch of tossers!

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  4. How is the BBC different or worse than ABC which censored opinions when
    “Jewish” GOP Reps took offense with more statements by Farrakhan that are patently antisemitic, and demanded 7 Democratic representatives should resign from their Congressional seats all of them are black, one Maxine Waters is a “darling” or the Radical left wing of the DNC for their continued support of Farrakhan. I was censored by ABC when I refuted the illogical write by one blogger who claimed that because some Jews were involved in the slave trade they should be censored too? There has been no slave importation for over 200 years. What does that have to do with Farrakhan’s persistent hateful antisemitic remarks today? If we use that standard then Farrakhan should impeach himself because Muslims traded in slaves to the America’s and ran a larger slave industry that was at least as cruel or crueler than that in the Americas.
    The blogger constantly badgered me with the notion for some reason what some Jews (Farrakhan actually blames Judaism for running the slave trade) excuses Farrakhan’s persistent hateful antisemitism. And not only hatred of Jews, but he claims whites were invented by an evil Jenn and escaped from his laboratory and brought evil to the world. Sound much like the Ayatollah’s characterization of “The Great Satan”?
    For this the ABC moderators censored my responses.
    I was not vulgar perhaps a little condescending if only because my attacker was obviously a planted troll.
    Is this the continued tacit Obamaesque attempt to censor any inference or criticism of Islam and characterize it as Islamophobia? If so I wish to post this now before an Obama hold over censors it, Radical Islam.
    If Farrakhan is such a straight up guy why did the Obama team hide photos of Obama with Farrakhan? If Islam is such a passionately open and liberating religion why do they have to hide so much and demand criticism of Islam be deemed a crime?

  5. Jeb Stuart, I suspect that nobody would disagree with you except this is a blog by Hadar Sela called BBCWatch and the BBC are UK based (although do have world wide divisions) and unlike ABC, who are a commercial station, the BBC are non commercial and financed in general, directly by the general public of the UK through annual license fees paid to the BBC. In the UK, as viewers we have no easy access to ABC News so are unable to comment as to it being no different.

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