UKMW prompts important addendum to Indy article on IDF ‘whooping’ video

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On April 10th, The Independent republished a New York Times article by Isabel Kershner (“Israeli forces caught in video shooting Palestinian man then whooping”) that was published on April 9th.

The report cited grainy video footage from several months ago “appearing to show Israeli troops shooting a Palestinian man across the border fence at a time when he posed no obvious threat…and then rejoicing”.  The NYT then highlighted the fact that “another soldier who appears to be videoing the scene whoops with excitement”, footage the NYT claims bolsters criticism that the IDF uses “disproportionate force” against Gaza “protesters”.

However, the report doesn’t include the official IDF statement about the video which was available more than an hour before the Indy republished the NYT piece.  The IDF statement, as reported by multiple Israeli news outlets, significantly changes the story, as it provides Israel’s account of the circumstances – and context – by which the Palestinian man was shot.  This includes prior warnings given by the soldier for the man to halt, the fact that he was shot in the leg and not killed, and that he had led a violent protest at the border which included the use of Molotov cocktails.

These facts are important because the article claims that the Palestinian man who was shot appeared to “pose no threat”.

Also of relevance is the fact that, per the IDF statement, the man heard celebrating would now be subjected to a disciplinary hearing for his inappropriate behavior.

Following communication with editors at The Independent over the course of a couple of weeks, the following addendum was added containing this relevant information.


3 comments on “UKMW prompts important addendum to Indy article on IDF ‘whooping’ video

  1. You say Molotov cocktails were used BUT you clearly and the IDF do not allege they were used by the person shot.
    This is yet another example of you not looking in the mirror before publishing you highly biased material.
    A person holding a Molotov cocktail is clearly quite different to one not holding one! A sniper would see this clearly.

    You also do not address the point there on both sides there are people who clearly hate the other.
    Indeed at its worst they deny the humanity of the other. This is clearly the reason why people of either side and we must hope it is a distinct minority on both, ‘whoop it up when some-one whom they consider the enemy is injured or much worse is killed..

  2. Why am I now getting no emails from BBC watch (since last Wednesday)?

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