BBC updates Israel profile with Hamas supplied data

As noted here last month:

“…BBC reports on the events along the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip since March 30th have repeatedly quoted and promoted Palestinian casualty figures provided by the “health ministry” without clarifying that it is controlled by Hamas – the terror group co-organising the ‘Great Return March’ – and thus obviously not an impartial or reliable source.

Moreover, in addition to there being nothing to suggest that the figures had been confirmed by the BBC itself before they were published and aired, audiences were not informed of that lack of independent verification.”

As well as promoting the Hamas-supplied data in its news reports on the weekly propaganda stunts along the border, on May 4th the BBC News website also updated its “Israel profile –timeline” to include that unverified and unattributed information:

2018 March-May – Protests by Palestinian factions in Gaza on the border lead to clashes with Israeli troops in which at least 40 Palestinians die and thousands are injured.”

As we see, no mention is made of the fact that studies show that some 80% of those killed had links to various Palestinian terror groups and the acts of violence perpetrated under the guise of “protests” – including attempted border infiltrations – are completely erased from this timeline that forms part of a permanent BBC country profile.



21 comments on “BBC updates Israel profile with Hamas supplied data

  1. Two clear points.
    The first one which you studiously avoid in Abbas like terms . From where else will you get casualty figures from? If the IDF accept the figures why do you not.As I have stated previously. Their expertise is assessing whether the person is dead not how that occurred.

    It is irrelevant whether they are members or not. Were they indulging in terrorist behaviour at the demonstration. If yes then being killed is easily understood.
    If not then we must investigate further. Being a terrorist operative is not a reason to kill a person.Stopping such people from killing others is.

    It is ironic that most of the property stolen from Palestinians in the late 1940s were owned by Christians not Muslims. Most of their descendants have immigrated to countries such as the USA as they had the requisite skills to succeed there as they had in Palestine previously.
    Hence Hams and Fatah are rank hypocrites on this issue.

    • Ah, a new swivel-eyed troll.
      Any comment on the vast properties stolen from Jews in Arab countries?
      I thought not.

    • Sorry but that makes no difference. Where else does the BBC get their figures from? Afterall that is where the IDF get theirs.
      no-one anywhere has suggested the casualty figures are fraudulent.

        • They have verified their figures. They got therm from the ONLY organisation that would have them.
          Where do you think they should get the figures from?

          • The BBC should be informing their audiences as to the unverifiable status of the figures but they do not, is that too complicated for folk to comprehend?

          • since you cannot answer like the author the column must be for dyslexic people.

            A knowledge of how journalists work would be a start.

            Name calling is no answer either

          • Ah it seems that having a sticking letter ‘s’ on my keyboard makes me dyslexic, mmm interesting concept, If I were you I would concentrate on your carp blog, it needs work although a blog does not a journalist make, damn that dyslexia. Just a quicky, punctuation in sentences is important, also I have no desire to learn what makes a sleeze bag journalist get up in a morning to falsify or distort the truth.

          • yet another non-answer.

            Name-calling is merely used for people who do not have an argument to advance as Trump constantly shows.

            Quite ironically Hamas is an expert in doing this as well

          • And you have the cheek to call me dyslexic hah, try reading your post back, strange as it may seem this site is about the inadequacies of the BBC not about you and your inane questions.

          • You and others appear not to understand what dyslexia is nor what trolling means.
            In another irony if you are not dyslexic then you are a troll by the usual definition.

            Nor can you or anyone else answer a pretty basic question. It is a very simple question.

            A blog is where someone puts up an opinion on some matter such as here. On most blogs where the author or commenters make assertions and they are requested to answer where they appear to be wrong they do so.

            No here apparently.
            What people here want is an echo chamber

            Here is the question again Where should you get casualty figures from if not the Health ministry?

          • and still no answer to a very simple question
            Very Abbas like which again is another irony.

      • More non-stop spittle-flecked thick trolling by the new spittle-flecked thick troll nottrampis.

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