2 comments on “BBC’s ‘Dateline London’ airs defamation of Israel but relevant facts concealed

  1. There is no room for anti semitism in any media. I am brokenhearted to hear so much vitriol.

  2. Quite evidently, no one is interested in the facts when they can emote against Jews. So the disinformation that was spewed should come as no surprise given the topic.
    I was, however, particularly struck by one of Polly Toynbee’s comments: “Well what kind of democracy doesn’t allow unarmed protest? What kind…” I suppose she is comparing the EU’s inability to control its borders in the face of masses of unarmed migrants pouring in (most of whom do not seek Europe’s destruction but wish to take advantage of its higher standards of living – though a minority of jihadists and Muslim supremacists may have additional goals) with an ongoing attempt at breaching an internationally recognized border, using a variety of weapons and human shields to do so, orchestrated by an internationally recognized terror group whose leaders have openly (albeit in Arabic only) called for the murder of Jews. They even put it all in writing, down to reminders to bring certain weapons and helpful maps to navigate to nearby Israeli communities.
    It is no consolation to observe that what starts with the Jews never ends with the Jews, but if your goal is either Muslim world conquest or some form of international solidarity where ethnicities, religion and nations no longer matter, I can see why these commentators play so fast and loose with the facts. The ends justify the means; we know too well what it takes to make an omelet.

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