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1) While Adalah is not the BBC’s most frequently quoted and promoted political NGO, it does appear in BBC content from time to time. David Collier has taken a closer look at one of that NGO’s flagship projects.

“Adalah are an NGO in Israel that claims to promote human rights in Israel in general and the rights of the Arab citizens of Israel ‘in particular’.

Adalah created a database of ‘discriminatory laws’ that has been used as a central pillar for anti-Israel boycott activities (BDS). Adalah’s database is the primary source for one of the three aims of the boycott Israel movement.

These laws are referenced everywhere. In the UN, in every anti-Israel meeting, in many European governments. There is hardly an anti-Israel book that is published that does not reference the list of laws. The list is a pillar of the boycott Israel movement.

Just one problem: The list is little more than a scam.”

2) MEMRI documents some of the Palestinian Authority and Fatah PR campaign against the anticipated US administration peace initiative.

“Even before its terms have been publicized, the Trump administration’s Middle East peace plan, known as “the Deal of the Century,” has encountered harsh opposition from the Palestinian Authority (PA), on the grounds that it does not promote peace but seeks to eliminate the Palestinian national identity and the Palestinian state and to topple the Palestinian leadership. Against this backdrop, PA elements have directed personal attacks at the U.S. officials promoting the deal. […]

Harsh criticism against the deal and its proponents was also voiced by Fatah, whose chairman is Palestinian President Mahmoud ‘Abbas. Recently the movement announced the launching of “a national campaign to thwart the Deal of the Century.””

3) At the INSS Gallia Lindenstrauss reviews “The Elections in Turkey: Strengthened Ultra-Nationalist Forces and the Possible Impact on Turkish Foreign Policy”.

“In Turkey’s June 24, 2018 elections, incumbent President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was elected for another term, and the ultra-nationalist parties grew stronger. This is significant first and foremost in the Kurdish context, since the nationalists can be expected to be among the main opponents of renewing the peace process with the Kurdish underground. This will also have extensive repercussions on Turkish foreign policy toward Syria and Iraq, and as such, on Turkey’s relations with the regional and global powers.”

4) At the Times of Israel Ari Ingel discusses “Israel, Gaza, and International Law”.

“Pro-Palestinian commentators and social media activists have been lambasting Israel over the course of the recent Gaza demonstrations for violating international law with proclamations of war crimes and human rights violations.

While a law degree apparently comes free with every twitter account, much of this talk is mere bluster with no foundation in the actual law itself, but rather, espoused with an intention to falsely vilify Israel and its leaders in the court of public opinion.” 

2 comments on “Weekend long read

  1. I notice that you reference the David Collier blog. A safe haven for those wishing to engage in anti-muslim rhetoric. A ‘searcher for the truth’ who creates dishonest conclusions, then blocking those that challenge him on his ludicrous assertions
    Long read? A smug read for those filled with emnity.

    This ‘Neymar’ of the Zionist world continually rails against Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party calling ‘foul’ on a regular basis. Everything it does spells doom for Jews worldwide and is an act of antisemitism. His latest fiction is that the Labour Party has altered the definition of antisemitism for its own ends when in fact it is the IHRA that has conflated a raft of opinions on the wider world into its own factory-made definition.

    Antisemitism remains the same, ‘animosity against Jews because they are Jews’. This fiction writer seeks to convince that mere trace elements constitute wells of ‘hatred’, such an emotive word. Amazing that the blogger hasnot yet been awarded the Booker Prize.

    Those saying Kaddish for non-Jews are ‘extremists’, a display of children’s shoes in a Banksy Hotel is an abvious sign of;Jew-hate’. Such a fountain of venom and hate from his mind.

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